Monday, October 18, 2010

Pause & Think - Purpose of LIFE.

Too much of money and still devoting beautiful life to earn more is sheer waste of this human life. How much money do one wants? Even doing social services with excess money is futile as far as our purpose of present birth.

Sole purpose of this human life is to earn liberation from the cycle of re births. Therefore wasting days and months & years  to earn excess money and then devoting some time and money for social work is selfish or rather foolish exercise in nature.

Stop at certain level. It must be reasonable and limited. Focus on the purpose of your life, from where have u come ?, why u r here?  , where will go from this birth after death??. is there anyway in which I can end this cycle of life and death and sufferings??

Some or rather mosts says u must not retire from yr working life. I wud say one must retire at earliest possible opportunity. This precious human birth should not be wasted sheer for the purpose of earning. There is far greater purpose in life than mere earning till death.

Pause & Think. (Yr purpose on this EARTH) . Quickly,  as the time is limited & flying.

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