Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Creativity & Innovation - Men Vs Women

I don't understand;

1) Why men wear tie and move like buffalo without shepherd??  How many of men who wear tie enjoys it?

2) Why color of men's suit is invariably BLACK? If u go to any conferences or seminars , you will hardly see difference in that hall and stable. All black in colors!!! No imaginative thinking as far as mens wear is concerned.

3) Now compare this with women conference. U will not find single similarity in dressings. Amazing amount of innovation and creativity.

4) I think this speaks of creativity and differentiation thinking that takes place when in any org WOMEN is on top.

5) It may sound incomparable or no parallel but its true.

We are what we we do daily with our lives. Men please wake up. Innovate personally to innovate where u work. Its always inside out. Next time in seminar and conferences or wherever,  apply yr self, don't follow blindly.


PS: Today i.e.  27th Mar 12, Richard Branson blogged abt Ties Ties that Dont Bind , published in the Mint.

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