Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Today in India

Today morning while having my breakfast my phone rang and it was our watchman from the gate.

He said "Sir U r CA (CPA of India) isnt it?  I want signature on the CA entrance exam form for my daughter".   I could not  recognize him but ask him to come for the signature. After some time when he appeared at my door I was pleasantly surprised and slightly amazed also. I completed the signature etc and gave him back the form.  

Wow!!! What an optimism and inspiration of people at every strata of the society!!! Amazing. We can bank upon the future of INDIA. 

CA is the only professional exam where entry is easy and exit is difficult. In all other professional courses whether MBAs, Engg or Medical reverse is true. Even cost wise also its the easiest and cheapest as compared to all fancy MBA degrees. Respect Parallel and knowledge in some cases more than MBAs. 

India is certainly shining in some parts where it was not earlier. Let that part grow bigger and faster

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