Monday, October 18, 2010

Ad Campaigns Vs Killer Product/Services

Vertical Parts between two Horizontal Steps have captured the imagination of marketeers. Yes, in Mumbai Suburban Stations on staircase these vertical parts are used by Colors Channel to promote Big Boss.  One more attempt of marketeers to promote product extensively without product having powerful contents. No one from Good Family will watch Big Boss this year especially cuz of the kind of people its stuffed with. (Last year it was different with AB in Command and most participants were D'Cent)

I think most marketeers use the same technique and focus on massive ad campaigns without doing something to improve,  Customer Xperience while using product or services. 

Invest in CUSTOMER CENTRIC Products and Services, Marketing and selling will take care of it self through Massive Referral Engine of Customer/Users Referral. 

Wake Up Marketeers. Don't allow AD agencies to control your business promotion,  let it be done by product and services it self & its users. 

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