Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Memorable Customer Experience - Its by Design not by Default

This Diwali we will be visiting Amritsar, Delhi and Rishikesh. To be precise 3rd visit Amritsar and Rishikesh. Delhi many times.

Another option cud be some new places. Yes Good Idea to explore. However once u have memorable and exciting experiences u wud like to repeat the same. Its a human nature.

Same logic or emotion applies when we are dealing with any of the products or services we consume. BRAND loyalty is nothing but "enjoyed previous experience and want to repeat the same again."  Thats the reason every enterprise MUST design delightful and memorable customer experiences. It cannot happen automatically.  In MOVIE, whatever we see , is precisely planned and executed. Though it look very natural but is a design of the TEAM movie makers.

Unfortunately companies don't design their customer experiences. They will design their factories, offices, org chart, everything else but NOT Customer Experience. In this attention deficit world we are in, unless enterprises focus on the last part i.e. creating /designing delightful customer experiences, BRAND loyalty will be a illusive.

There are whole lot of passionate new and young entrepreneurs purely focusing on customer experience. They r the future. Rest all will REST sooner than later.

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