Sunday, January 29, 2012

Are U curious enough to remain Successful & Relevant ?? Perhaps No.

CURIOSITY is what keep us relevant , interesting  & growing as a person or company. Yes, we stop to remain interesting or growing once we stop to remain curious. I know everything and I am successful and don't need to know more is a  KILLER attitude. Literally KILLER. It kill companies and starts downfall of individuals. 

Observe children and you will learn HOW curious they are about everything on this earth. Curiosity is the mother of  learning and for continues learning continues curiosity is important. Life is a continues changing process. It changes daily every moment. However successful companies once achieved success think they have the permanent expertise to remain successful. 

Meet a child and meet a hugely successful person or even some 40 odd year plus person. Child is extremely curious to know , asks questions and try to understand while successful and senior adult would mostly behaves in I KNOW or I don't care to know or learn attitude. 

I was watching Classic Legend programme on Zee TV by Jawed Akhtar and he was talking about legendary actor Ashok Kumar. He said Ashok Kumar was so curious through out his life that he started learning new languages at the age of 64. He was always wanted to know and learn new things till he lived upto the age of 90. I think that was the reason the star ruled bollywood for 60 years.

Yes its absolutely important to remain curious about new things in life. Companies MUST not only keep learning about new products and services but also about new way of doing things, new ways to attract and treat people, new way to manage the affairs every few years. 

In history we have plenty of examples about very successful companies and person failing miserably after few years. Even we have seen countries first Japan and now European countries failing after remaining successful for many years. Someone has rightly says " Success Immortalises the way of doing things in the mind of successful companies and people. "

Pattern of thinking MUST be broken to get to see things with new perspectives. I know and I don't care attitude is about FIXED pattern of thinking.  

"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." Albert Einstein

"I am a big believer of boredom , boredom allows one to indulge in curiosity and out of curiosity comes everything." Steve Jobs

With success and growing age  , unfortunately MOST of us individually or as an enterprise fall in this trap, without fail.  To remain interesting one must be interested. Not Curious is equal to Not Learning.

Shakeup everything if you are so successful and inculcate a sense of curiosity in your enterprise { people} . May not be relevant today but if you want to remain successful tomorrow also , its the first ingredient.


  1. Posted-on Linked in by Santanu Mukherjee
    Communications Manager for UFMC
    New Delhi Area, India

    thanks for sharing the link, though I think you already got lot of appreciation and compliment for this this write up but I couldn't stop myself form saying its really splendid, it reminds me of my childhood where nothing was impossible and anything that we desired we tried to make it out or get it, With the growing age we somehow left our curiosity back or get lost because of which we sometime get irritated of ourselves , loose the desire to win, attitude to learn and move ahead in life ......your article have really given meaning to do more

    wish to get more articles from your end


  2. Posted-on Linked in by Saaki Shiva
    Student at Gnanam school of business
    Guntur Area, India

    We know only the a drop out of sea water.. we should not stop learning until we die.. try to know more know more....

  3. Posted-on Linked in by Rajendra Shah
    Head of Marketing & Franchise at HB/ Al Bader Enterprises
    Saudi Arabia

    Agree with the analogy. However it would be interesting to know where the cliche "Curiosity killed the Cat" came from? Rgds Raj

  4. Wow!!! Thanx. Of-course U need not be dangerously Curious. There is always two side of the coin and nothing of extreme works. Its is like CSR can make yr company bankrupt. Therefore one is curious to survive or curious to die is the difference.

  5. Posted-on Linked in by Dr.Shalini Ratan
    Founder and Chief Knowledge Facilitator at NIRVAN Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.
    Mumbai Area, India

    I know everything and I am successful is the biggest impediment to one's growth. It limits your potential. There is no deadline for learning and success.

  6. Posted-on Linked in by Vinayak Hanchate
    CEO at Hanchate Property Solutions - Mumbai Area, India

    Thanx Sunil for taking me back to school (learning) days.... :-)

  7. Posted-on Linked in by Ulrich N.
    Management Consultant at Quorum Consulting
    Copenhagen Area, Denmark

    As stated by Andy Law: "You don't get creative by staying in the same place".


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