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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A (very) short course on Jainism

Jains will celebrate Paryushan, their most prominent festival from today till the 15th of Sep 2016. When the world is facing severe degradation of Morale and widespread violence, Jainism, one of the most ancient or perhaps the oldest philosophy of extreme Non-Violence is worth knowing and practicing by everybody.  

The word "Jain" is derived from the Sanskrit word jina (conqueror). A human being who has conquered all inner passions like attachment, desire, anger, pride, greed, etc. is called Jina. Followers of the path practiced and preached by the jinas are known as Jains. Continue reading....

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Jainism is not a religion & why Irrfan is right?

Question number 1:

Can principles of physics or chemistry or maths be different for different individuals in different parts of the world?


One plus one is two is universal across the world because this is a natural law.
Any laws which are natural are universally applicable to everyone irrespective of their social status, so called caste, human invented religions or geographies.

Question number 2: Continue reading...

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Why everyone needs to know about Anekantavada?

Sushma Swaraj, Indian Minister of External Affairs recently said that Jainism’s principles of Anekantavada, Aparigraha (non-hoarding) and Ahimsa (non-violence) offer a solution to the present day problems the world is facing. She was referring to extremism, climate change, and inequality.

Next week when the world will celebrate Mahavira Jayanti (birth of Mahavira, twenty fourth and the last Tirthankara (Teaching God) of the present time cycle.) today I am writing about one of the most important and fundamental principle of Jainism - Anekantavada.   Continue reading..

Monday, August 31, 2015

Five ways SOUL attracts new Karma

In the previous post Physics of Karma we have read what actually the Karma is and characteristics of Karma. We have also read why knowing about karma is the most important thing in the post The Law of Karma – 1.
Now in this post we will see why a soul attracts Karma which makes the soul its bondage. Just to re-emphasise the importance of Karma, knowing definition of Moksha is important.
Definition of Moksha is:
Karmaless Soul. I.e. when a soul sheds all Karma, it need not take a new birth as a body and attain omniscience status of the soul i.e. Kewal Gyan (Omniscience).   Continue Reading.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Physics of Karma

In the previous post on the subject The Law of Karma – 1, we have read there are predominately eight types of Karma which a soul can attract. In this post we will see what is Karma
There are in all nine elements in the universe. One out of nine is Ajeev i.e Non Living. This Ajeev has five types and one of the five types is Pudgala. Pudgala is derived from the words ‘pud’, which is defined as Supplement (Addition), and gala, which is defined as Disintegrate, or Division. Therefore, Pudgalas are best defined as all things that are continuously changing by the process of Supplementation or Disintegration, namely matter.
The individual unit of Pudgala is the material from which all is made, smaller than protons, called a Paramänu, which, by the process of supplementation, can combine to form what can be roughly said is an atom, called a Skandha, Either individually or in combination, this similar type of Skandha is known as Vargana. Continue Reading.  

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Highest Ignorance, The book on Amazon

Welcome to my new book on Amazon. The Highest Ignorance. Welcome to buy, share, review and retweet.

Praise for the book:

 Praise for the book: 

“A captivating novel on how our religious practices are inconsistent with truth & real natural laws...Sunil Gandhi is a master story teller and makes us visualize and relate to each character in the book like a good movie!" 

- Professor Jagdish N. Sheth, Charles Kellstadt Professor of Business, Emory University, USA. 

"For today's brake-less and largely aim-less people, Sunilbhai has created a 'sugar coated' fast pill. Fiction that presents the highest wisdom in a practical and applied manner. Hope a lot of readers take its benefit." 

- Vallabh Bhanshali , Co-Founder & Chairman , ENAM Group 

"This novella chronicles the journey of a young bride learning the ways of Jainism. The reader catches a glimpse into two parallel universes: contemporary urban life in 21st century India, and the world of age-old truths regarding Karma found in the Bhagavad Gita and as taught by Mahavira and Jain philosophers, past and present." 

- Christopher Key Chapple, Doshi Professor of Indic and Comparative Theology, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, USA. 

“A book that takes a reader on a path never attempted; the protagonist asks questions and searches for answers that we all need. An enjoyable read. “ 

- Padma Bhushan Mallika Sarabhai, Renowned Indian Theatre Personality 

"An excellent book, explaining the basics of Jainism in a very simple, lucid language that laymen can understand. A delight to read. The story flows. No jarring notes of discord. Strongly recommended to persons wanting to understand something about Shrimad Rajchandra's teachings and Jainism." 

- CA Pradeep Shah, Senior Partner, AJ Shah & Company 

“Beautiful……. very touching……… lucidly written story explaining intricacies of Jainism and, its attraction through the medium of a young Brahmin woman married into leading Jain Family and her curiosity... . “The Highest Ignorance” maintains grip all through while kindling curiosity; answers questions that arise in many minds in the midst of daily routine and expectations of modern families and, interestingly, subtly introduces principles of winning hearts. 

A must read for all… young and not so young, initiated and non-initiated…… “ 

- CA Bhavana Doshi, Senior Advisor, KPMG 

“A gentle book on the deeply contemplative religion of Jainism, told in a contemporary language, drawing some very interesting and lucid parallels from movies and the game of cricket!! “ 

- Aruna Chakravorty, Ex Journalist, Indian Express

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jainism - 1 - Darshan - Charitra & Gyan

Samyak Darshan: Body & Soul are different.

Samyak Charitra: Good or Bad deeds will bind us and our soul will continue to remain in the cycle of re births. Our KARMA should be SUDDHA (Clean and Pure) without any hatred/expectations/attachments and with the neutrality of mind. 

Neutrality towards good and bad is THE WAY to be to attain MOKSHA. Liberation of Soul from the Body of any kind.

Samyak Gyan: When the soul is free from the bondage of KARMA (All our actions and deeds of past and present births) Soul attains Liberation and that's Moksha. No more Re births. 

Gods are souls who have attained MOKSHA. They are not the controller or manager of the world. Theory of KARMA is the operative law in the universe. Applies to each and every living being irrespective of caste, creed, religious beliefs, geography or sex.

On the day of Diwali (527 BC) the last Tirthankara of last chovisi (set of 24 gods) Lord Mahavira attained MOKSHA.

Happy Diwali to every soul in this Universe. May all souls move towards final liberation. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Note to new VISITORS

Welcome New Visitors.

Making A Difference not only in the world around us but world inside us is the purpose through this blog.

First of all I recommend Welcome Read of book LINCHPIN by Seth Godin to everyone employed, self employed or unemployed.

Second come share your thoughts,views, experiences of the world U r living in abt people, places, products and thoughts.

Third remove the cap of the religion, circumstance and background of ideas with which we have lived till today.Start a fresh on a new slate. Be open to new ideas and thoughts. We have very limited knowledge but we have potential of becoming liberated soul with complete knowledge. Have that PURPOSE in Mind.

Join HAPPINESS journey at with me.


Pause & Think - Purpose of LIFE.

Too much of money and still devoting beautiful life to earn more is sheer waste of this human life. How much money do one wants? Even doing social services with excess money is futile as far as our purpose of present birth.

Sole purpose of this human life is to earn liberation from the cycle of re births. Therefore wasting days and months & years  to earn excess money and then devoting some time and money for social work is selfish or rather foolish exercise in nature.

Stop at certain level. It must be reasonable and limited. Focus on the purpose of your life, from where have u come ?, why u r here?  , where will go from this birth after death??. is there anyway in which I can end this cycle of life and death and sufferings??

Some or rather mosts says u must not retire from yr working life. I wud say one must retire at earliest possible opportunity. This precious human birth should not be wasted sheer for the purpose of earning. There is far greater purpose in life than mere earning till death.

Pause & Think. (Yr purpose on this EARTH) . Quickly,  as the time is limited & flying.