Monday, October 25, 2010

Cooks Vs Chefs

I was in BITS Pilani Goa Campus last weekend. No not as a faculty but my son studies there so I was there to meet him. We had a great conversations on status of students mindset at the campus. It may be representative of all the campus of Engg colleges.  

1) Students are extremely JOB Focussed.
2) Students are extremely CERTIFICATE (Extra Curricular Activities)  Focussed without actually working to earn it. 
3) Students are indifferent to Many area of CONCERNS. FITTING into the system is the MIND SET.
4) Expecting too much from the Institutes without going out of the way to take initiatives.

(Applicable to MOST and not ALL students)

But isn't it the mind set of everyone employed??? Its our CULTURE. Its the society we live in.

We all are indifferent to many area of concern affecting our life ,  we are FITTING into the SYSTEM without have initiatives to make dent where-ever we work, We want wrong credits for the work not done by us. We are SALARY oriented and not acting like an entrepreneurs where-ever we work even if we are employed. 
This is the reason most of all employed are easily replaceable.

If u need to be told to what is to be done, then you are a COOK (Need instructions on what is to be done) however future belongs to the CHEFs. Isn't it easy to find cookbooks ?? Does any one knows abt Chef Book??

Take CHARGE of your life or someone else will. 

Note: Seriously recommend to read book LINCHPIN by Seth Godin to every COOKs.

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