Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Innovation is Small - Doesn't Require Laboratory

In Mumbai Auto Rick fare has changed recently. It is now not as easy and as simple as it was earlier. So every time one commutes, at the end of the journey commuter ask driver "How Much??" or "Show me the rate card." This is normal and usual practice. I must have travelled with more than 100 instances. 

Today I saw rate card affixed on the back of driver's seat i.e. in front of the commuter. Wow!!! Simple but gr8 idea. 

What will happen??? No need to ask or show me the card kind of untrustworthy behavior from commuters. U see and pay. Thats it. Its very very simple idea but 100s odd I have travelled have not applied this. So its unusual. 

Innovations in life or Moments of Truth for the customers are simple well thought out steps executed flawlessly which will make customer's life easy and make the whole experience delightful. 

Its SIMPLE. Focus on CUSTOMERS. (Your Boss will be Happy & so is the CUSTOMER)


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  1. very true...all the auto drivers should implement this idea so there could be transparency with fare charges.