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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Have U ever been WOWed !!!!! ????

Inviting Views from Professionals & Customers associated with:

  1. Real Estate 
  2. Hospital  
  3. Retail 
  4. Banking

Industries to share their CUSTOMER Delight Business Processes. Implemented as insiders or Experienced as customers. (All other delightful experiences as a customer r welcome)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Real Estate Marketing - Missing Links

Post "Sale and Possession" relationship with the clients is very critical to generate referral leads. No amount of SMS, Emails or Exhibitions can sale what referral leads can sale.

Post Possession Relationship Anchors:

1) Timely formation of society.
2) Timely settlement of dues and deposits taken from buyers to the society.
3) Timely and complete conveyance support.
4) Discount couple during possession for household purchase from near by shops/malls.(on the promise of bulk sales)
5) Periodic Free Maintenance Support to Members to select fittings and fixtures, lifts , garden etc etc. 
6) Participation in Cultural Activities of the society by way of sponsorship etc.
7) Members Children Scholarship Schemes. 
8) Annual or Periodic Networking Get together Events.
9) Free Movers & packers Services or Free repainting of Old Homes to make it easy for the customer to sale.
10) Residents Magazine to enable members to know each other better and depict talents.
11) To invest in start up entrepreneurs residing in the complex. 
12) Many More such add on out of the box ways to engage with the existing CUSTOMERS. 

It must be genuinely done and not just to get referral. 

Airline & Hospitality Companies pamper their clients most. However Real Estate Clients deserves maximum pampering by the developer companies. People buys home by investing whole life's savings or borrowing against future earnings. 

Having a customer should be a matter of JOY internally and same should be conveyed and expressed to the customer in numerous ways and surprises. Think HOW most of us are getting our most of the customers??? Its through REFERRAL and that will happen only if CUSTOMER is delighted through some or many or even more of points stated above. How many of the owners meet their direct customers??

Unfortunately No one does it. Existing customers are ALWAYS forgotten once the transaction is over !!! 

What a fun if U are not talk of the town for Gr8 reasons?? Let your existing customers become your sales person. 

Alternative, endless participation in exhibitions and competing in COMMODITY world. 

Which ONE POINT which CUSTOMERS VALUE is unique abt your so called BRAND??  

Monday, October 18, 2010

Note to new VISITORS

Welcome New Visitors.

Making A Difference not only in the world around us but world inside us is the purpose through this blog.

First of all I recommend Welcome Read of book LINCHPIN by Seth Godin to everyone employed, self employed or unemployed.

Second come share your thoughts,views, experiences of the world U r living in abt people, places, products and thoughts.

Third remove the cap of the religion, circumstance and background of ideas with which we have lived till today.Start a fresh on a new slate. Be open to new ideas and thoughts. We have very limited knowledge but we have potential of becoming liberated soul with complete knowledge. Have that PURPOSE in Mind.

Join HAPPINESS journey at with me.


Pause & Think - Purpose of LIFE.

Too much of money and still devoting beautiful life to earn more is sheer waste of this human life. How much money do one wants? Even doing social services with excess money is futile as far as our purpose of present birth.

Sole purpose of this human life is to earn liberation from the cycle of re births. Therefore wasting days and months & years  to earn excess money and then devoting some time and money for social work is selfish or rather foolish exercise in nature.

Stop at certain level. It must be reasonable and limited. Focus on the purpose of your life, from where have u come ?, why u r here?  , where will go from this birth after death??. is there anyway in which I can end this cycle of life and death and sufferings??

Some or rather mosts says u must not retire from yr working life. I wud say one must retire at earliest possible opportunity. This precious human birth should not be wasted sheer for the purpose of earning. There is far greater purpose in life than mere earning till death.

Pause & Think. (Yr purpose on this EARTH) . Quickly,  as the time is limited & flying.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I read Delivering Happiness by CEO of Must read for every entrepreneurs.  When most of our time in life is spent on working for some or the other companies, creating atmosphere of fun and happiness for all the stake holders is the primary role of top management.

They have their Zappos Culture Book where in all employees and many customers writes abt the company. People can ask for free copies of this culture book also. They will send in 5 days anywhere in the world. I got in Mumbai. They also arrange for free company visit for anyone who wish to visit their company and provide to and fro commuting services from Las Vegas Airport.

Point is: Why all companies are not focussed on fun, happiness, customer delight??? Company with singular profit bottom line approach will find it difficult to attract best of the talents. B Schools and Top Management must unlearn fast & open their eyes to know how the FUTURE WINNERS will emerge. It is not that B School should teach how to run companies it is rather other way round. Companies like Zappos will set the motion of syllabus change in many B Schools.

Cheers. Happy Dassera.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Real Estate Marketing & Customer Xperience

Last eve I was at Lodha Palce, they have changed the way real estate projects is being marketed. Truly world class. They launched 50 storey residential tower World Crest at Upper Worli. Truly amazing way and power of intermediary of making a difference. Those developers are bye passing intermediary have to learn how to pamper and groom/train their intermediates.

A major part of Customer Experience starts with how people selling yr products looks, talk, their knowledge, motivation and passion for the products.

Its the role of the companies whose goods/services they r selling. Real Estate Companies MUST invest in intermediaries. Train and Groom them periodically. They may be freelancer but investment in them will reap fantastic benefits Companies must change they way they are selling. Out bound Call Centers and mindless SMS will not do magic. Think Creatively DAILY.