Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Customer Referral - Offer Talk of the Town Services

My Client called me last month and gave me a new number of their daughter's would be in laws to help them in raising finance for their business. Now this is a big referral. Daughter's would be in laws. This shows TRUST and Confidence I have created in my client.

One of my clients today called me, (with whom I had worked 8 years ago ) for some new assignments. Now 8 years is a big time and they have grown bigger than what they were 8 years ago.  Still some thing that reminded them about me and I was called. 
Point is not how I am getting new assignments. Point is, it applies to every one and every business. Client Referrals are the Most Powerful Means to Get New Customers. Check how many of your clients/customers are falling under this category.

Unless we offer talk of the town or talk of the clients kind of offerings, we will not be talked about and so not referred to new clients.Getting new clients without efforts or cost is only possible through Clients/Customer Referrals.

Work on why and how customer will refer us? First serve them like the ONLY customer we are serving and then facilitate them to refer our services to their circle of influence.


  1. I agree with your viewpoint. When you deliver Above and Beyond the Call of Duty (ABCD), you lead by example, and - as Robin Sharma calls it - become a leader without title (because you don't need one).

    In this Twitter Age, it can have a huge positive impact on your business even if one customer who has a thousand followers recommends your services/products.

  2. Yes , more and more realisation is necessary asap