Monday, November 1, 2010

Real Estate Home Buy - When I Buy - Why I Buy?

Home buy is a dream come true for most of the buyers. As a developer HOW many of the decisive factors have you take care of? (not applicable to Luxury Higher end Home Buyers)

Proximity - Work Area, School, Hospital, Market & Temple
Commuting - Close to Station , highway , bus stop , main road
Surrounding - Other Projects , slum , future potential , no projects , approach road
Price - Afford-ability , reason-ability & transaction cost
Availability of Financing - Home Loans , easy installments
Entertainment - Theater, Public Garden, Malls
Ambiance - Garden , Play Area, Air , light , walk area & number of flats in the project (ppl     
                  have view on smaller of larger projects) & Parking Area
Quality - Construction and Fittings/fixtures
Internal Space Planning - Room ,Kitchen & Ventilation etc 
Class & Religion of People - Similar Class and Preferably same community
Size of Flats - Too big or too small, Possibility of Home Office 
Maintenance - Monthly Recurring Cost
Builder - Reputation , customer handling - kind, courteous, people friendly, extra support during the transaction, post          
            purchase support plans, past history 
Readiness - Time to Possession , Present Status 

Critical Part to Communicate is know WHAT out of the above matters to WHOM?

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