Monday, November 29, 2010

1000 Visitors & Counting - Differentiate Ruthlessly or Death is Inevitable.

1000 Visitors page views ( 42 days, 15 countries and 26 posts ) , but so what?? Why so much Halla Gulla???

Likes of Aamir Khan ,Amitabh Bachchan & CM Narendra Modi  (super stars) also sweat in today's attention deficit world to get attention. They do not miss any global territories and any possible media to reach out their audience.Therefore attracting 1000 visitors in 42 days with 26 posts is a feel good beginning.

Every business MUST make maximum (everything possible with passion and innovation)  visibility drive to get attention of their target AUDIENCE. Getting visitors or clients once is Ok , challenge is to keep getting with minimum efforts and cost.   

Highest visitors are for Feedback to Feed Forward but people are also interested in Must Company Culture. 

Real Estate sector got 3 posts , this special love is because my close proximity with the sector and I consider this to be most important sector in one's life. people borrow and invest lifetime income to buy HOME. However there is  huge trust and customer service deficit in the sector. BUILDERS built houses but not world class and talk of the town Structures. Building built should be on the site seeing itinerary of the city. All homogeneous structures are making cities boring. My posts Real Estate Marketing  Missing Links and Real Estate Marketing & Customer Experience, Whom Shall I Offer WOW !! Experience excited a few readers. 

My favourites however are Customer Referral - Offer Talk of the Town Services , U r in Happiness Business , or else not in Business , Sell on YOUR Strength , not compete on OTHERS', After Sales to Future Sales. Must read for every entrepreneurs. (employed are also entrepreneurs as they also have to sell them selves to get ahead)

Many readers like Cooks VS Chef and Creativity Men Vs Women. However certain things I dont understand in What I dont Understand is very interesting.

My focus in this BLOG is on CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE because there are millions of businesses around us however truly EXPERIENCE creators are rare & very rare.

Differentiate Ruthlessly or Death is Inevitable. (I continue my journey beyond milestone of 1000. )

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