Thursday, November 18, 2010

After Sales to Future Sales

Yes, its what happens AFTER SALES decides HOW/WHAT sales will happen in future. Having closed the sales deal is easier part but what happens when the customer consumes our product or services, how we support, how we communicate, how we take care to see whether there is any problem or support needed with our offerings , how we hand hold , how our offings function , how it helped in solving customer problem or offering them required pleasure, how we stand by them for present sales or future need , how we keep contact with the customer etc. 

Every thing POST SALES is critical for long term survival of the company.  

Unfortunately most companies are focusing on pre-sales and sales efforts only. That's it. Short-term target -ism is so firmly in command that even CEOs are not beyond that pressure. Who will think LONG TERM??

Like feedback is the feeder for feed forward, after sales are efforts to make every successive sales easier. To existing customers and to new and referred customers.

Who is in charge of beyond QUARTER targets??

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