Monday, November 1, 2010

Whom shall I offer WOW !!! Experience

Who needs Customer DELIGHT Most:

1) Health Care Customer - Most delicate condition , immediately noticed 
2) Confused Customer - Happy Feelings
3) Unaware Customer - Thankful 
4) Helpless Customer - Remembers forever
5) Worried Customer - Sense of relief 
6) Quick Customer - WOW!!
7) Extrovert Customer - He will spread the good word to every one (Bad too)
8) Introvert Customer - Or else he will go away
9) Smart Customer - He is aware and came after sufficient research. To remain in their short listing.
10) Women Customer- Once happy will become best source of referrals

Who so ever is left , well why even ignore them too. 

Creating Memories or Selling on Price, choice is yours. 

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