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Monday, July 18, 2011

4 KRAs of Chief Customer { xperience } Officer

Companies those who Want to focus on Customer. 

Step - 1 - Appoint Chief xperience Officer      ( Reporting to CEO )

Step - 2 - Assign Powers to C Ex O             ( he is a part of every senior management committees ) 

He is the Bucks Stops Here kind as far as customer experience is concerned.

H(er)is KRAs:

1) Making Customers FAN of the company brands

2) Focus on Customer Referral is the way to get substantial additional business

3)Improve company Net Promoter Scorecard
4)Making company culture customer focused      ( Tweaking/Re engineering business processes and making people more sensitive to customer needs  { internal & External })

He will not only make company customer centric & talk of the town but also substantially add to top and bottom line. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

5 Ways to Make CUSTOMERS your BRAND Ambassadors

People believes in customer reviews rather than brand ambassador's large cut outs and recommendations.Real brand ambassadors are customers as they recommend after using the offerings and so called brand ambassadors recommends for money they get!!!

When TRUST is the highest influencers  these new breed of brand ambassadors r preferred and searched on the net & social media. Today u search for any product or services , you will invariably get users reviews.I use reviews when I buy mobile phones, when I book hotels outstations,  when I want to experiment new things, when I do not want to subscribe to Speak Asia kind of schemes (I found whole lot of irregular things and cpl of articles by Sucheta Dalal in her magazine Money Life abt the Speak Asia drama which is going on with the help of Indian Print Media these days).Telling example of Branding vs Actual Customer Xperience. (now 19th May- govt has ordered inquiry into the affairs)

Bottom line is CUSTOMERS are net promoters or demoters of every BRANDs. Invest more in customer experience and less on BRAND Ambassadors which is paid , scripted & hence less authentic. 

Here are the ways U can make yr customers , yr brand ambassadors: (Experiment rigorously)

1) Go out of the way to solve customer problem.  Do it with SMILE. If U are a Dentist,don't just remove the teeth but give dental care booklet and free check up once a year bonus. 

2) Invite happy customers to periodic customer get to gather. Share their stories on blog, website and social media. Offer some branding mileage to those customers.(Introduce them and their business on social media)

3) Help and try to make your customers more successful in what they do. Have solution and not transaction approach.

4) To the extent possible customize the deal and make them feel special. As a tour organizer U have tie up with particular hotel, have an arrangement with the hotel to convey customer's preference, data and choice for surprise and delight. They must feel special for booking the hotel through yr company. 

5) Have Happy Hour.  On any one day a week ,lets say every Tuesday, allow any one randomly selected customer free shopping/buying/consuming every hour. Word of mouth publicity will much more cover the cost of free offerings.
Have as many surprise elements in yr offerings as possible.  

I am a FAN of , Starbucks & Virgin way of doing business. Why not every one else too? Looking for similar passion and enthusiasm from Indian Company !!!! Any 1 ? Kingfisher is closing in.

Not only do business , make it a fun for all involved.We ,after all , live only once and time to make FANs  are too short. Go full blast from TODAY. Share yr results here.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chain Re-Action of Referral Marketing

How REFERENCE can become good business sense for everyone? We refer many things to many people.

Why do we refer?? What makes any products and services referable? Most Referred  businesses save a lot in marketing and selling cost. However they invest in making customer experience remarkable. This will lead to chain reaction of reference. 

Get an insight of how many of your clients are from refereeing category!!! If not many then there is a cause(s) of worry but if there are many then are u using this referral marketing tool in a systematic way???

Think on WHAT will make U remarkable and more referrable??? Work on that and use the tool effectively. In the era of online world , referral spreads like a FIRE. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Customer Referral - Offer Talk of the Town Services

My Client called me last month and gave me a new number of their daughter's would be in laws to help them in raising finance for their business. Now this is a big referral. Daughter's would be in laws. This shows TRUST and Confidence I have created in my client.

One of my clients today called me, (with whom I had worked 8 years ago ) for some new assignments. Now 8 years is a big time and they have grown bigger than what they were 8 years ago.  Still some thing that reminded them about me and I was called. 
Point is not how I am getting new assignments. Point is, it applies to every one and every business. Client Referrals are the Most Powerful Means to Get New Customers. Check how many of your clients/customers are falling under this category.

Unless we offer talk of the town or talk of the clients kind of offerings, we will not be talked about and so not referred to new clients.Getting new clients without efforts or cost is only possible through Clients/Customer Referrals.

Work on why and how customer will refer us? First serve them like the ONLY customer we are serving and then facilitate them to refer our services to their circle of influence.