Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Customer Experience - Surprise and Delight r inbuilt in yr company CULTURE??.

R u Getting Repeat Customers?? R your Customers referring yr product or services to others?

Some of the steps:
1) Add delight factors in yr offerings. Restaurants have to improve not only their food quality and variety but improve overall eatING experience likewise every entrepreneurs have to think of adding ING to their offerings. Hospitals have to work on carING part of all patients and visitors to enhance CUSTOMER experience. I as a blogger have to work on readING experience of my guests.    

2) At the cost of profit , surprise them. Send them sweet on their birthdays or on Diwali or on the day of school opens. Imagine + Imagine. Lot can be done to surprise them. You as well as your employees and customers must enjoy and celebrate every day of existence. Cinema/Multiplex - How abt Popcorn in occasional shows for free??? Imagine the publicity and referral , repeat customer it can generate!!!

3) At the cost of time, guide , help them also do follow up calls post purchase. Ask for any additional support? Do it even after 6 months and check. Invest a lot in your existing customers and let them do marketing for U. Starbucks measure customer experience in 20 different ways. How abt U?

4) After doing all these dont hesitate to ask for referrals.

Initialy you will do it with selfish motive of getting more referral customers. But slowly it will become part of the business and culture. It will be become BRAND to be identified with.

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