Monday, November 15, 2010

Sell on YOUR Strength , not compete on OTHERS'

Compete with your OWN strength. It means it does not necessarily have to have what our competitors are competing on. Our strength r different & so is competing style and capability. A beautiful female dancer can attract those  males who love dance so she does not necessarily have to look beautiful. Rest all will have to look beautiful to get attracted. Those girls who can cook tasty & variety of food can attract food loving male. Rest all will have to look beautiful to get attracted. 

Point is to find your own strength and you will have your own market /market share. In order to capture your market  focus on your own strength and find who are in sync/love with your strength. Rules of the game is not uniform for everyone. You can have your own rule and own way to market your strength (Product, services or time).

Customers are not UNIFORM however marketeers have treated them like that. Sell your strength and not try to compete on competitors' strength.

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