Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Are U selling your Products or Passion !!! ???

Mumbai's top most and all other Home Builders had an exhibition during 6th to 9th of Oct in Mumbai. I visited the exhibition to know about products of companies engaged in Mumbai's most powerful industry. 

Barring one developer one can not make out the differentiation in what they do and how they do. Similar style exhibition outlet, similar style suited , booted and tied representatives (kind of uniform) , SOP driven receptionists, more or less same display patters, same monotonous scripted sales speech. Absolutely no innovation.  Well their sales collateral had some quality variance.

The one company referred above was THE ONLY ONE outstanding. Beautifully designed exhibition outlet shows the passion with which the company is working. Every company there , were out to sale their properties but this company added passion with creativity in their just 4 day efforts. 

Known as Nahar Group , they had lovely nest with chirping bird sound , classy color combination and lovely sales collateral. They brought their project location's natural ambiance live there. { rest all had some or other pics to demonstrate their locational advantage }.  

This company was not selling HOMEs but selling their deep PASSION.

What are u Selling ?????? [ go back to drawing board, design board, HR policies, customer experience policy and shake it up, now , Today ] .

{ Happy to note that exhibition organizing body (MCHI) recently awarded them best designed exhibition outlet. This also shows HOW easy it is to get noticed if you add some creativity to what u do, as there are very very few who do what they do passionately. }


  1. Posted on Linkedin by Ashwani Sindhwani ,BNP Paribas,Mumbai Area, India

    I wish same passion works in designing and building their product.

  2. Do u have any experience to the contrary, pls share. Its important.

  3. Posted on Linkedin by - Robert F. Loggins, Jr.,Assistant Brand/Product Manager - Thought Leader and Innovative Thinker,Greater St. Louis Area - Assistant Brand Manager at Spectrum Brands

    Passion is where you money is at! Products are what we use to ignite this. Great read.

  4. Posted on Linkedin by Sandeep Todi , Director at Emportant.com - HR Solutions on-demand,Mumbai Area, India.

    Sunil, very nice post. The trouble is that most companies start with passion and that slowly gives way to product as they look for volumes. Nahar is surely an exception if they are translating this into the whole customer experience, which goes beyond a brilliantly designed stand.

    Steve Jobs exemplified this. Every product he whisked out at trade shows was a demonstration of passion. Of course, this is legend but too few of us learn from such and in the process of growing, we tend to lose the characteristics that made us in the first place.

  5. Ofcourse it has to be end to end at all customer touch points. Wholesome customer experience. Without it its nothing more than a marketing gimmick.

  6. Posted on Linkedin by Ashwani Sindhwani ,BNP Paribas,Mumbai Area, India.

    Visited MCHI last year, have stopped checking on any new project since then, and found them no different from other players when it comes to sharing info abt super built up, carpet area, actual price calculations, payment, delivery schedule etc.