Wednesday, June 15, 2011

8 Ways to CHARGE up Call Centres to make it CUSTOMER centric

Cool Experience with Call Centre of Income Tax Dept, Bangalore CPC.

On calling: IVR took data like company PAN and purpose of call.  Thereafter receiver immediately starts with what I want to know without again asking about name, PAN or purpose. She was ready with when I did inquire last and what the status of my problem is. 

I have rarely found this efficiency or process even in most big private sector brands & most call centres are far from what it should be. They keep asking basic data N number of times, waiting time is high and line get transferred to new executives every time more queries are asked.  Even if we have punched the basic data, purpose of call,  still they ask us the same thing. Their scripted speeches are too monotonous.

What we callers/receivers expect them to do:

1) When call centre is busy - mention how long will it take for executive to attend. Better if every drop callers are called back by the call centre. 

2) Caller is calling mostly to solve the problem so in a hurry or in an anxiety. Quickly come to the solution part in the script. Rest can be taken care later or may not need many a times. Most of the time background is too noisy. Avoid. 

3) Train,  Train and retrain the executives - skill set - language, communication , product/service knowledge , how to solve the problems/help. 

4) Solve the problem there and then without waiting or having layers of executives’ therefore more waiting time and chances of disconnection.

5) Post request, immediate action by the company if something is to be done after the call. Usually I get a call after 2 days or week, once I place the request.

6) Outgoing Callers - First and foremost ask about convenience. Whether "Right time to talk?". They come to this after long opening statement. 

7) No hard sell. Once listeners says NO , politely thank and exit. Mostly executives inquire why , when and insist on listening to them. They should listen the prospect first.

8) Keep choice of words powerful and conversation attentive.  

Keep CUSTOMERS in focus and not your business processes or sell hard agenda. Solve their problem, offer them info and sell them only if they want it not because you want to sell.  

Finally (Male members may not like it) have female executives. They are not only found to be more polite but gets better attention.

It’s about BRAND company has created. It shall not be destroyed by untrained people with casual approach, long process driven (centric ) out-sourced activities. 

In today's market MOST call centres will not qualify test of Excellency. Nobody is listening either customers ( What callers have to say in an out bound call ) or executives ( In out bound/inbound calls ) or even  companies ( What is happening at call centres ) !!!!. 

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  1. On LinkedIn : Srikanth SESH Founder & CEO at SmartConnect Technologies Pvt.
    The only reason this can be achieved is the customer-care centre & the IT process is seamlessly integrated, to make sure they don't annoy you every stage. Most of the contact-centre don't migrate to customer-care due to this siloed approach.