Friday, June 10, 2011

Why Customer Comes LAST ???

Yes , believe it of no.

Unless an enterprise is prepared to the fullest customer will not come and if at all she comes it will be a disaster for d company or d brand. 

Making of a Movie - Script, dialogue, costume, set, light , camera & then ACTION

Release of Movie - Post production , dubbing, publicity, promos , press release, music release & then AUDIENCE

Event - Hall, parking space, chairs, carpet, musicians, singers, welcome drink , exit gift , host & then GUEST

All precedence has to be the best,  has to be attuned to the BRAND value and Company Culture to attract best & most of the customers. In the above examples which of the elements in the link , taking us to the final entrant,  one can afford to have WEAK??? Any thing WEAK will spoil the final outcome and impact the response from the recipient. Offerings will be as great as its weakest link in the making of it. 

- Manufacturing Capacity/Service Design & Delivery - Share Holders/Lenders (capital Structure) - Modern Machinery - Product  Patent and  Design - Design of Customer Experience  to WOW !!! Customers - Reliable and Quality Raw Material Suppliers - Dependable and Motivated Employees - Robust Business Processes - Attractive and User Friendly Product Packing - Inviting Ad Campaigns - Sensible & Smart Marketing and Selling Approach - Ambiance & Location of Retail Outlets - Soft Skill and Product/Service Training of Front line People  & then comes CUSTOMERS (for life, rave fans and brand promoters).

If one needs CUSTOMERS - one needs to be fully focussed on what it takes to bring customers !!! Focusing on customers means focusing on all the links that lead us to customers. Skipping any links or lowering the quality/focus of any links will not work good for the BRAND.  Anything weak in between will lead to bitter customer experience and will impact customer acquisition & retention (remarkably) . There is no short cut !!!!!. 

When U want to put CUSTOMER First , its putting him last is the only way. 

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