Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Smartness not @ the cost of Goodness

Smartness is in Vogue. We appreciate smart people. End justify Means. We find many smart people around but there aren't as many good people as well. 

  1. We break queue and get things done before others. Smart but not good !!
  2. We tell lie and get things done. Neither Smart nor Good !!!
  3. We bribe others with word of mouth (wrong promise) and succeed. Not good may be smart !!
  4. We make promise and go all out to fulfill the same. Smart and good.
  5. We genuinely convince others and change their way of thinking/action. Smart & Good Act.
  6. We manage short-term at the cost of long-term results. Smart but not good
  7. We sack people and add to profit. Smart but not good.
  8. We sale somehow without understanding consumer need/wrong promise and achieve sales target. Smart but not good.
  9. We appreciate smart wrong doers & dislike right good doers.
  10. We delay supplier payment, fool bankers with wrong data,fool customers with quality promise, ignore shareholders by anti governance policies, break environment laws to squeeze profit. Some people may classify us as SMART company but more smart one plays more stupid one becomes in future.       
  11. We achieve great financial results at the cost of customer apathy. Smart or Good???
When managing immediate, today and short-term is the norm , smart people will always score over good people.

Dr Peter's quote " Super-competence (Smartness) is more objectionable than incompetence. "

All scam-sters are smart ( those not caught yet ) , all innovators are smart, all path breakers are smart, all leaders are smart, successful people are smart. However goodness will decide their fate.   

Who r in demand Smart People or Good People??

Doing things like a Linchpin i.e. good as well as smart r the SKILL in demand.  

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