Monday, June 20, 2011

5 things MBAs MUST learn from Entrepreneurs

WOW!!! Met an entrepreneur Bharat Jagani, of BTC ( from 180 sq feet shop in 2006 to 15000 sq feet corporate house in 5 years - Focus - Just One Business )  , par excellence in his age of 40. Again ( DH Ambani , Bill Gates & the Likes ) ,  no formal graduation in college but his policies which can teach today's MBAs many things. I met him in Pune on Sunday last. We also had in our group one young girl pursuing her MBA. She was just astonished with the way this man is driving his decisions and business. We also had some interaction and discussions but to cut a long story short I cud list down some of the learning from our meeting with him. 

- Battle for Profit is won with great relationship ( suppliers, employees & customers ) and not by logical /rational analysis of left brain thinking alone.

- People ( Employees ) will work for U or Die for U , depends on yr HR Practices & How Top Man walk his talk.

- Taking Risk is indispensable, Managing it Successfully is the Art ( differentiators ) . ( Of-course not by all means, End should not justify Means ) 

- Technology is just Business Support , people are the business drivers.

- Gut Feel & Luck MUST be given due consideration in every decisions. 

Earlier I wrote that entrepreneurship = passion and patience ( ). I wud like to add a few more to the list : vision , daring & relationship.  


  1. Posted on Linkedin by Brian Spencer Martin- Experienced Energy Sector Manager and Engineer.
    Greater New York City Area - " Nice little post! "

  2. Posted on LinkedIn by Rita Chatterji Independent Retail Professional ,Lucknow Area, India. Fireweed honey is priceless - you know why ? It is from flowers that grow only for a week or so when humidity is less than 50% and so beekeepers have to locate close to that place for that one chance - Fireweed cannot be cultivated - similarly Entrepreneurs cannot be created by training - they are people with natural edge or what we call talent or insight. No two entrepreneurs work on same business model so again you can't train because there is no repeat. I disagree to your statement of training MBA's under entrepreneurs coz it will amount to sending a remix singer to Tansen for learning how to call rains through a song. Yes, there is much more to learn from entrepreneurs but that can be for people with much more exposure to business environment. I hope you take my comment in the logical sense and good spirit.

  3. Rita Thanx. Well its written to spark thinking. However for an overall development working with entrepreneurs add huge value to structured MBA mindset. Its abt knowing when to use which brain. Entrepreneurs I mean not start up but entrepreneurs stage agnostics. Much of the MBA syllabus comes from real life business learning all these years.

  4. Posted on LinkedIn by Sven Ringling Senior Partner, iProCon Ltd. - Transformation and HRIS Consultant,London, United Kingdom.
    frankly, if you've taken an MBA course in the last 10 years and this hasn't been taught intensely, it was the wrong school.

  5. Posted on LinkedIn- Manoj Satia. Managing Director at Manoj Multifoods Pvt.Ltd.Mumbai Area, India "Truly Entrepreneur"

  6. Posted on LinkedIn by Harish Sachdeva Managing Director at helix group,Hong Kong. "MBA interns would not have the patience to appreciate the ways of an entrepreneur.unless they did BBA with entrepreneurial studies from reputed college like BABSON which gives chances to students to run budgeted projects as well as help learn entrepreneurship"

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  8. Posted on LinkedIn by Nilesh Kachalia
    Associate Manager at GlobeOp Financial Services
    Mumbai Area, India

    Hats off to your thought......

    An Enterpreneur learns ( Surverying and Business Research, Organising Resources, Meeting new people and Negotiating, Marketing and Sales, Quality, Customer Service and many more) which a company in the Internship of 3 to 6 moths will never teach you.