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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Jainism is not a religion & why Irrfan is right?

Question number 1:

Can principles of physics or chemistry or maths be different for different individuals in different parts of the world?


One plus one is two is universal across the world because this is a natural law.
Any laws which are natural are universally applicable to everyone irrespective of their social status, so called caste, human invented religions or geographies.

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jainism - 1 - Darshan - Charitra & Gyan

Samyak Darshan: Body & Soul are different.

Samyak Charitra: Good or Bad deeds will bind us and our soul will continue to remain in the cycle of re births. Our KARMA should be SUDDHA (Clean and Pure) without any hatred/expectations/attachments and with neutrality of mind. 

Neutrality towards good and bad is THE WAY to be to attain MOKSHA. Liberation of Soul from the Body of any kind.

Samyak Gyan: When the soul is free from the bondage of KARMA (All our actions and deeds of past and present births) Soul attains Liberation and thats Moksha. No more Re births. 

Gods are souls who have attained MOKSHA. They are not the controller or manager of the world. Theory of KARMA is the operative law in the universe. Applies to each and every living beings irrespective of cast, creed, religious beliefs, geography or sex.

On the day of Diwali (527 BC)  last tirthankar of last chovisi (set of 24 gods) Lord Mahavira attained MOKSHA.

Happy Diwali to every souls on this Universe. May all souls move towards final liberation.