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Saturday, September 12, 2015

If slaughterhouses had glass walls …

Meat ban and the beef ban has become the an unwanted controversy in India since last one week. Be it as it may, as far as eating is concerned, no one should force anyone and no need for political interference.
Moral conduct cannot be enforced. Eating good food is advisable, but cannot be enforced. The eater will be responsible for her acts & must be ready to face the consequences. Any good conduct is advisable but is not enforceable. Continue Reading...

Friday, September 11, 2015

Twelve ways to get rid of Karma (Prematurely)

Attracting of Karma is Ashrav (+)
Stopping of Karma is Sanwar ( = ) and
Shedding of Karma is known as Nirjara ( - ) .
In the previous post, we saw 57 ways a soul can avoid attracting of new Karma. Today we will discuss about Nirjara. But before we discuss Nirjara we should know about the status of various Karmas. Continue Reading

Sunday, September 6, 2015

57 ways to avoid new Karma

In the previous post on the subject Five Ways Soul attracts new Karma we have seen how a soul attracts new Karma. However, by now we know complete annihilation of Karma is Moksha. Therefore, an attraction of new Karma means an extension of cycles of life and death. Knowing how to stop attracting new Karma and shedding of existing Karma is extremely critical & I would say the most critical for every human being.
In this post, we will know HOW a soul can do that. Yes, stopping of new Karma and shedding of existing one is very much possible.
Common sense suggests NOT doing things which attract NEW Karma means a soul is not attracting new Karma. This act of not attracting the new Karma is known as SANWAR.Tattvarthigam Sutra (The Sutra) defines 57 ways this can be done. These are classified into six categories. These are; ..  Continue Reading.. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Five ways SOUL attracts new Karma

In the previous post Physics of Karma we have read what actually the Karma is and characteristics of Karma. We have also read why knowing about karma is the most important thing in the post The Law of Karma – 1.
Now in this post we will see why a soul attracts Karma which makes the soul its bondage. Just to re-emphasise the importance of Karma, knowing definition of Moksha is important.
Definition of Moksha is:
Karmaless Soul. I.e. when a soul sheds all Karma, it need not take a new birth as a body and attain omniscience status of the soul i.e. Kewal Gyan (Omniscience).   Continue Reading.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Physics of Karma

In the previous post on the subject The Law of Karma – 1, we have read there are predominately eight types of Karma which a soul can attract. In this post we will see what is Karma
There are in all nine elements in the universe. One out of nine is Ajeev i.e Non Living. This Ajeev has five types and one of the five types is Pudgala. Pudgala is derived from the words ‘pud’, which is defined as Supplement (Addition), and gala, which is defined as Disintegrate, or Division. Therefore, Pudgalas are best defined as all things that are continuously changing by the process of Supplementation or Disintegration, namely matter.
The individual unit of Pudgala is the material from which all is made, smaller than protons, called a Paramänu, which, by the process of supplementation, can combine to form what can be roughly said is an atom, called a Skandha, Either individually or in combination, this similar type of Skandha is known as Vargana. Continue Reading.  

Friday, August 14, 2015

Law of Karma - 1

During the monsoon session, it was a logjam and parliament failed to legislate new GST law. Without this new law, the economy will fail to speed up & blah blah blah… We have plenty of laws which govern our lives. We have a parliament to legislate and have lawyers to guide us about these new laws we are governed by. Important is we are expected to know all these laws and our courts do not accept ignorance as an excuse if we fail to abide by these laws.
Point to ponder is, we human beings are governed by a plethora of men made laws, but all other living beings are not governed at all by these laws legislated by the Parliament. But there is one law which equally applies to us, the human beings and animals. However, we are oblivious of these laws because we are oblivious about who we are. We all are souls living with a body. If you don’t agree, just find out the difference between a dead body and a living body.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jainism - 1 - Darshan - Charitra & Gyan

Samyak Darshan: Body & Soul are different.

Samyak Charitra: Good or Bad deeds will bind us and our soul will continue to remain in the cycle of re births. Our KARMA should be SUDDHA (Clean and Pure) without any hatred/expectations/attachments and with the neutrality of mind. 

Neutrality towards good and bad is THE WAY to be to attain MOKSHA. Liberation of Soul from the Body of any kind.

Samyak Gyan: When the soul is free from the bondage of KARMA (All our actions and deeds of past and present births) Soul attains Liberation and that's Moksha. No more Re births. 

Gods are souls who have attained MOKSHA. They are not the controller or manager of the world. Theory of KARMA is the operative law in the universe. Applies to each and every living being irrespective of caste, creed, religious beliefs, geography or sex.

On the day of Diwali (527 BC) the last Tirthankara of last chovisi (set of 24 gods) Lord Mahavira attained MOKSHA.

Happy Diwali to every soul in this Universe. May all souls move towards final liberation.