Friday, December 3, 2010

Start ups Vs Stalwarts

Just now I purchased book from ( of India). So easy , convenient and price competitive , that one wud like to deal with such a supplier/seller.

Easier you are for the customer to deal with , chances are better that you will get repeat customer , referral customer.

It is not true that ONLINE business is the only easy and convenient mode of business. It applies to every business , every thinking entrepreneurs can do it.

I am a subscriber to one of the leading telecom companies for internet data card. I get their bill every month and bottom part of the bill is to be teared and attached with the cheque for drop box. 

Unfortunately all their customer care numbers and mails are printed on the back of the bottom part of the bill. So when I make payment I have no contact details of their customer care and I cant reach them easily or rather with great difficulty. 

It means they dont want u to reach them once u make bill payment!!!. I draw their attention twice but no impact yet. 

Point Is: Unless U are Customer Focused and Design for Customer Ease and Convenience  it will NOT happen by chance!! Every companies that are making our life easy , stress free and make us feel HAPPY , do it by CHOICE. High Profile Executives and IIM MBAs in the 5 Star offices and even Best of the TOP companies cant guarantee this. 

Start ups like Flipkart can !! 

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