Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Design of Customer Happiness Circle

Its Win Win for all the Stake holders. Have any company ever done assessment of Stress Generated from their Corporate Activities?? We have surveys of Carbon Emission , but What abt Human Stress Emission? Today's Corporations are Stress Emission Machines. 

Corporate Must Shift their Model of Success from Share Holders to Customers. Measuring Happiness should be the Agenda at the year end.  

Who will take the lead? is the one I know. Share here if u know some one else.


  1. I absolutely agree instead of continuous pressure on Sales if the Management & Companies start following this Cycle

  2. Pls spread this and share with yr known group to spread more happiness.

  3. Agreed... Business, in fact today's human life is exactly like a ecosystem in which if any of its elements get disturbed the whole ecosystem gets affected. So every element of the business must be happy for continuous and prosperous business.


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