Friday, December 17, 2010

Customer Centricity of the Organisation – Culture Assessment

Customer Centricity of the Organisation – Culture Assessment

Top Management

1) CEO or Board Discusses Customer Feedback?     Yes / No / Seldom
2) How Often CUSTOMER appears on the agenda of the board?   
3) Company has some one IN CHARGE of end to end customer experience with the company?                              Yes / No
4) CMO or Customer In charge is a part of senior management team?                                                           Yes / No

Employee Happiness ( Does Employee Surveys Covers following Questions? )

4) Are you happier today than at the time of joining this company?  
                                                          Yes / No
5) Do you think your role is important in overall initiative of the company?                                              Yes / No
6) Your immediate boss is supportive of any new idea /suggestion / initiatives?                                              Yes / No
7) While working with this company do you think your work / personal life balance is managed as desired by you?       Yes / No
8) Do you think you can pursue hobby of your choice if given extra time from the job? If yes, name hobbies you would like to pursue.                                                           Yes / No
9) What are your dreams in life? Specify way in which company can help you to take you closer to achieve them?              Yes / No
10)Given a freedom, what immediate change you would like to do to your department/company?                                  Yes / No

Conscious Design( Business Processes )

11) Have your company designed customer touch points with customer delight in mind?                                          Yes / No
12) Does your company have complete list of Customer Delight in Action?                                                   Yes / No

What U Measure?

13) Do U measure customer experience through surveys, calls etc periodically?                                             Yes / No
14) Do you measure how many new customers are due to customer referrals of existing customers?                          Yes / No
15) Do U have planned strategy to ask for customer referrals?                                                               Yes / No
16) Customer Feedback or Experience or Stories form part of company Annual Report/Event?                              Yes / No

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