Sunday, December 5, 2010

Meeting Young Entrepreneurs @ IIT Mumbai

Entrepreneurship Cell at IIT Mumbai has invited me at their Mentoring Session on 11th Dec.

Getting in to IIT is a Dream come True. Few lacs appears and few thousand qualify. Great sense of achievement. (Unlike CA Course, entry here is difficult where as in CA course exit is difficult.)

However getting in to the IIT (Or IIM) is the beginning or the first step. Life begins when U r out of the Inys. What U do with IIT degrees matters. One CAUTION when one is from IIT, HUGE EeeeGooo. (Naturally)

Technology matters but!!!!! in the world of entrepreneurship again it is the FIRST qualifier. Success depends on Marketing and Financial Results technology brings. If not then Technology has no valve. Microsoft , a successful technology company but more than that smart marketing company with fantastic financial results.

IITians many a time believe and focus so much on technology that they ignore importance of the other 2 important business functions.  If U r in JOB then fine , other expertise are available with the company but when U r acting as an entrepreneur, one need to not only learn and acquire marketing and financial talents but also respect the importance of the same.

Technology plus Marketing Plus Finance plus Social Impact makes a successful enterprise. Look forward to meet many young IITians and come back with much more insights to share. Cheers.


  1. IITs n Entrepreneur??!!
    I still do not get the idea why IITs and Entrepreneurs are combined. I always had a feeling that, IITs and BITS should shape "Engineers" Who do "RESEARCH". "Technology" and "Research". That is the field where you can see "Growth of the Country".
    If you want to become an Entrepreneur do not join IITs n BITS. I know it is not the mistake of the student. Every parent wants his/her child to be in IIT or BITS. And then 90% of students do MBA! And the country is left with 10% Engineers who can produce new things. Isn't it wasting Resources. !
    This is Just my feeling, and may not be the fact.

  2. @ manoj: I dont agree, its tech that drives economy and technocrats must understand the importance of entrepreneurship, after all its the best way to get tech to ppl!

  3. "Technology plus Marketing Plus Finance plus Social Impact makes a successful enterprise"- Just Perfect and apt....

  4. Yes Research for people and for commercial exploitation. Just Research for the sake of it has no meaning. However I agree with Manoj, we are very poor in R & D and that keeps us followers not leaders.

  5. What is it different abt IItians and non-IITians,I mean is it creativity?thought process?IQ?Why such hoo-haa!