Sunday, February 27, 2011

Honor Your People - PUBLICLY & Regularly

Which industry attracts talented people!!! Any Guess???

Yes its Bollywood. Industry which celebrates success of their people publicly 5 to 6 times. a year. (We have so many film/TV awards annually).

Which other industry celebrates annually success or performance of their participants??  Suited booted corporate awards celebrates success of their owners not people.

Honor your people for what they are doing for your enterprise success publicly. Acknowledge their contribution not just at the bottom of  directors report but on top of the annual report and at every annual /semi annual mega events. 

How to glorify your business & industry - learn from Bollywood.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Connecting People is D thing

Yes, biggest difference people can make is by connecting two right people. People meeting people creates SYNERGY. 

Face Book , Linkedin or for that matter every social media sites are doing it. Nokia has slogan Connecting People.   

Every seminar and conferences are opportunity to connect with people. Knowing d with people can make huge difference. Be it professional of personal life. 

Recollect WHO all were introduced to you by someone and now you have great relation with the ones who were introduced. 

Many a times intermediaries are not valued at the value they deserve. Be it broker or you friend who introduces you to new people are doing great service to your life. 

Value intermediaries , value d people who brings new contacts , new deals,  new opportunities to your life. (they may have commercial angel to it, even though - as your benefit is far larger than what commercial interests intermediaries may have). 

Change yr life by - Surround your self with people who brings new contacts of right people to you.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chain Re-Action of Referral Marketing

How REFERENCE can become good business sense for everyone? We refer many things to many people.

Why do we refer?? What makes any products and services referable? Most Referred  businesses save a lot in marketing and selling cost. However they invest in making customer experience remarkable. This will lead to chain reaction of reference. 

Get an insight of how many of your clients are from refereeing category!!! If not many then there is a cause(s) of worry but if there are many then are u using this referral marketing tool in a systematic way???

Think on WHAT will make U remarkable and more referrable??? Work on that and use the tool effectively. In the era of online world , referral spreads like a FIRE. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

r U doing, wat U r passionate about?

Either love U what do or Find doing something what U Love. Life otherwise is waste of time.

  1. Leave yr job if u hate yr role 
  2. Leave yr business if u r disinterested in doing it
  3. Leave yr boss if U don't respect him
  4. Leave yr relationship if it is no longer sustainable
  5. Just Leave whatever U don't like 

But before taking ne such dramatic step, find your LOVE.  Valentine day is about finding and expressing yr LOVE. Its about living yr LOVE . Be it yr person or yr passion.

Friday, February 11, 2011

R U indispensable in yr roles??

No one is indispensable. However one who is difficult to replace is worth much more than other folks. 

Indispensable people go out of the way to get things done. They don't care whether its their duty or whether they have the mandate. They don't wait for the instructions. Going beyond and above their role proactively.They take charge.

These are the qualifiers. You may see many such people around u. Entrepreneurs are the ones but there are many in employed category and they are Worth praising, noticing and following.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Vote for Me. Wagon R Smart Idea Context

Are yr marketing efforts not yielding desired results?

Call Centers (Out Bound) , spam mails , SMS Marketing, all push marketing techniques are going to have nature death. Its found when needed matters & not found every now & then on every channel and medium.(its truly disturbing and killing BRANDS) 

People have enough choices of getting what they want courtesy google , face book, face book friends, linkedin connects & likes and Just Dial kind of networks. Work on existing customers and they will freely become your brand ambassadors. But who cares once the transaction is over???

Marketeers have to innovate , innovate by creative destruction. What once used to or every one else is doing is BORING & Brand Killers.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hello - Redefine Your Business Objects, Yes Seriously.

How many of us really believe that we all are in the business


Think of What PAIN yr offering removes or what PLEASURE your offering gives??

21st Century - Decade No. II, require all of us to realign our paradiams. 


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Examples of Failed Customer Focus

1) We get automated replies to our mails & we cant reply.

2) We get marketing SMS without direct number of the sender.

3) We speak to call center agents - every time different person.

4) We get computer generated letters hence signature not required.

5) We get letters signed by authorised signatory (un-named)

6) We can return goods only within fixed time/day. However they sale us 24 X 7 thru outbound call centers even if we are in toilet. (they have refund policy but no sale policy)

7) They send us most complicated prize winning competition documents every now and then. (Earlier Readers Digest now India Today)

8) They offer attractive prizes on joining the club but when time comes to utilise membership advantages we are least preferred.

9) They make fancy website  but wants us to call them by not providing online contact help/mail.

10) All of them work only for MONEY and Profit & not for customers. '

Its a lose lose situation out there and not win win. Customers are unhappy (shifting brands, no brand loyalty,no trust, frustrated with the way they are being treated) and marketeers are fighting in their own red ocean (no customer centric innovation or focus).  

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Customer Experience turns Citizen Experience in Gujarat

When CUSTOMER experience thinking is applied at state level it becomes CITIZEN Experience (Aspirations) management. CM Narendra Modi very well knows this and applying the same to his fullest capacity. I was in Gujarat on 12/13th of Jan.Vibrant Gujarat - Amazing Show of Strength of Gujarat and what one man with dedicated mission can do.

One has to be there to experience the vibrancy in people of Gujarat just because of their leader is doing every bit to develop and promote the state. Not only political leaders but our corporate leaders also have to learn many things from this vibrant leader. How is he driving the state keeping people's development agenda at the CORE. He believes that customers i.e citizen come first. Billions of dollars of MOUs, investments, people centric innovative schemes, celebration of festivals on large scales, explosion in infrastructure development & what not!!!

Two eye opener (political) when I was returning from Gujarat: US wants to partner with the state under his leadership in 2013 Vibrant Gujarat  Summit and benefit out of the state's economic development but no Visa to man who is making this happen (Duel Standards, we need more of wiki leaks to bring out hypocrites in political system world over) and secondly India need leader who can think, act and delivers and not only scholar and learned as PM. Leaders and not scholars can run the state , country and for that matter any institutions.