Thursday, November 3, 2011

2 MUST priorities for every Business Owners !!!! Yes MUST.

Most of us either want to buy our own home or have taken debt to buy our own home. Most of us do not want to do job but with no other option and hence compelled to do job to survive. Its not our natural choice. Yes, this is not any survey result but learning from KBC participants. I think its a representative class of the masses across the globe. 

Manoj Kumar produced Roti Kapda aur Makaan in early 70s. However Maakan has still remained a major problem for most of the population on the earth. How Pity!!!! People spend their lifetime earning to buy one home or indulge in debt which they keep paying during their lifetime. 

I think this is directly related to another inner feeling of masses of not like to do job /dislike their jobs. Shareholder-ism over people-ism is the major cause of this grave situation. People spend their lifetime in doing what they don't like!!!! What a waste , not of time but lives. 

It is the responsibility of every entrepreneurs/corporation to make sure that they do two things:

1)  Make their people love their jobs (Doing whatever it takes).

2) Working for Financial Freedom of employees before they think about shareholder expectations (We have hefty reserves and surplus in company balance sheets but employees working for these are in debt and not happy).

All of us must work to increase gross happiness of people working for us. All other CSR initiatives are meaningless without achieving this first milestone.

We have corporations like Tony of (Entrepreneur and author of book Delivering Happiness) or Ricardo Semler (Entrepreneur and author of book - Seven Days Weekend) who thinks on this line.

Ricardo Semler "Concentrate on building an organization that accomplishes the most difficult of all challenges:  to make people look forward to coming to work in the morning"

Yes making work/jobs interesting is MOST important and difficult responsibility of the business. 

Two takeaway - Making jobs interesting & employees reap benefits of success and shareholder should not earn at the cost of employees.


  1. Posted on LinkedIn by Joshua K. ,Sr Manager at Syndicatebank, Cochin Area, India

    Very good suggestion...but utopian it seems. Let's strive for this

  2. Everything is utopian unless done by leader.

    It looks utopian and therefore have no priority!!! Think it possible, then the thinking will change. Everyone has to do bit by bit in their area of influence.

  3. Posted on Linkedin by sridhar alampalli

    To get into business, strong will power to face any situation is the first criteria. In case, any body passes this test, then the business activity is thought of based on the talent, resources available etc.

  4. Thanx Sridhar.

    Yes to get in to the business what u say is absolutely MUST. But once in the business , to survive, these should be the priorities.

  5. Wow! That's pretty ambitious goal, but it makes sense. I'm currently reading the book "Drive - what motivates us" and what you are saying kinda resonates with it.

  6. (Forgot to mention the author of the book - Daniel Pink --

  7. Thanx Mehul. Unless we aim , we will not able to shoot in the right direction and distance.

    Will certainly have look at the book.