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Monday, August 19, 2013

Art + Science = Commerce

Yes. What you offer to your customers is Science & How you offer is an Art. Its a mix of the two creates total customer experience.

Many a times we are so much obsessed with science part that ART is completely missing.

However in an experience economy , it is an ART which commands premium. All great customer experience creating companies are focusing on ART part of commerce , of 
course after mastering Science part of it.

How you do what you do matters the most.

Are you still struggling with Science part of the commerce or graduated to the ART side of it ? A question every entrepreneur must answer. You can have clue to solve many business related issues by answering this.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Examples of Failed Customer Focus

1) We get automated replies to our mails & we cant reply.

2) We get marketing SMS without direct number of the sender.

3) We speak to call center agents - every time different person.

4) We get computer generated letters hence signature not required.

5) We get letters signed by authorised signatory (un-named)

6) We can return goods only within fixed time/day. However they sale us 24 X 7 thru outbound call centers even if we are in toilet. (they have refund policy but no sale policy)

7) They send us most complicated prize winning competition documents every now and then. (Earlier Readers Digest now India Today)

8) They offer attractive prizes on joining the club but when time comes to utilise membership advantages we are least preferred.

9) They make fancy website  but wants us to call them by not providing online contact help/mail.

10) All of them work only for MONEY and Profit & not for customers. '

Its a lose lose situation out there and not win win. Customers are unhappy (shifting brands, no brand loyalty,no trust, frustrated with the way they are being treated) and marketeers are fighting in their own red ocean (no customer centric innovation or focus).