Monday, February 21, 2011

Connecting People is D thing

Yes, biggest difference people can make is by connecting two right people. People meeting people creates SYNERGY. 

Face Book , Linkedin or for that matter every social media sites are doing it. Nokia has slogan Connecting People.   

Every seminar and conferences are opportunity to connect with people. Knowing d with people can make huge difference. Be it professional of personal life. 

Recollect WHO all were introduced to you by someone and now you have great relation with the ones who were introduced. 

Many a times intermediaries are not valued at the value they deserve. Be it broker or you friend who introduces you to new people are doing great service to your life. 

Value intermediaries , value d people who brings new contacts , new deals,  new opportunities to your life. (they may have commercial angel to it, even though - as your benefit is far larger than what commercial interests intermediaries may have). 

Change yr life by - Surround your self with people who brings new contacts of right people to you.

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