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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Envy people about your CUSTOMERS.

Have you made your potential customers envy of your existing customers? 

Yes it is the role of every customer experience professionals. Every company MUST make endeavour to achieve this status.  Once upon a time Onida TV used to have slogan Owners Pride Neighbours Envy. Converting this slogan into reality is exactly what is needed in today's time of commoditisation. 

You customers MUST love, talk about and advocate your offerings. 

When i read the book Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh & I become member of very happy person group on their site I received gift hamper with one copy the book, t shirt and a pack of wafer from the US.  When I first used Flipkart to buy a book it was very simple and quick - a superior experience. Thereafter I have recommended both the companies to many through this blog as well as in person. One CM is making entire country envy of his state and people want him as PM. This is the power of making others ENVY about what you have to offer to your customers (citizen in this case). 

It is not only about physical appearance & rationality, it is about touching the senses , it is about human emotions. 

Make it a habit to please few of your customers every week - DELIBERATELY (Even if you are a b2b company). Do unexpected, go out of the way, and make them feel special. Words will spread and more & more people would like to be your customer.  Your DELIBERATE habit will make your company talk of the town. 

In this attention deficit world something unique will get the attention. It is far more easier and cheaper than huge Ad spend and marketing gimmicks (which no one believes) .  

How do you think you can make people envy of your customers ? Share your ideas. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

KISS is really powerful !!

Simplicity & Ease will push your business. One of the important things in designing customer experience is EASE. Ease of doing business can do wonders. 

Flipkart has achieved that EASE, ATM machines offer EASE. The other day we were at Cream Center and guests waiting management was flawless. It was in order and quick communication was flowing from the people inside about tables available to the person managing waiting guests. 

In many of the on/offline businesses customers have no clue when and whether things will happen as expected. Communication and business processes are not explicit.  They are confusing. People managing are not adding any human angle and just follow what is told to them.  The entire experience becomes confusing , irritating and mechanical. 

Multiple option at coffee shops , insurance products , mobile plans are highly confusing and lack ease and simplicity.  Product design , buying process , usage, communication & marketing all level deserves simplicity. 

When you are out to create better customer experience keep EASE factor in mind  , as it will add to delight and memorability. Customers have many complexity to attend to in their life, therefore EASE & Simplicity is at premium. 

KISS - Keep it Simple Stupid , is really powerful. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Business Process & Drained Customer Experience

When was the last time your business processes were realigned keeping customer experience in mind ?

Do you know business processes are the major culprit in creating damaging customer experience ? 

When fulfilling a customer need - business processes can play a key role in making it happen with ease , speed and delight. 

Process complexity delays the delivery , irritates the customers , break the relations and customer looks for elsewhere. 

Business process mastery can give you competitive advantage. Flipkart is the shining example of process mastery. Their enviable TAT is the result of process mastery keeping customer at the center of the process design.  Whatever the processes employed customer gets speedy delivery. 

Huge money invested to built brand on media , huge money invested in technology and logistics. However before they built brand through media there was already word of mouth online brand building happening through customers. Media helped them to achieve tipping point but ground work was kept ready through their superior logistics for only one product - Books. 

There are plenty of leakage points in offering superior customer experience but business process is the critical part which makes or breaks the business. Business process re-engineering which keeps customer's need and not company's need at the core archives what the company ultimately wants - superior PROFIT through superior CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.    

" You have got to start with CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE and work backward for technology , process & people"  Steve Jobs.