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Friday, September 11, 2015

Twelve ways to get rid of Karma (Prematurely)

Attracting of Karma is Ashrav (+)
Stopping of Karma is Sanwar ( = ) and
Shedding of Karma is known as Nirjara ( - ) .
In the previous post, we saw 57 ways a soul can avoid attracting of new Karma. Today we will discuss about Nirjara. But before we discuss Nirjara we should know about the status of various Karmas. Continue Reading

Sunday, September 6, 2015

57 ways to avoid new Karma

In the previous post on the subject Five Ways Soul attracts new Karma we have seen how a soul attracts new Karma. However, by now we know complete annihilation of Karma is Moksha. Therefore, an attraction of new Karma means an extension of cycles of life and death. Knowing how to stop attracting new Karma and shedding of existing Karma is extremely critical & I would say the most critical for every human being.
In this post, we will know HOW a soul can do that. Yes, stopping of new Karma and shedding of existing one is very much possible.
Common sense suggests NOT doing things which attract NEW Karma means a soul is not attracting new Karma. This act of not attracting the new Karma is known as SANWAR.Tattvarthigam Sutra (The Sutra) defines 57 ways this can be done. These are classified into six categories. These are; ..  Continue Reading..