Friday, November 11, 2011

12 Ways to leverage Social Media for Businesses & Professionals

All of us are members of many social media sites. Members of many groups and fan clubs on these sites. We have 100s or 1000s of friends/followers/fans.& we are happy. 

How are we leveraging our social presence and networks?? Your stories invited. 

Networking is a great business tools. Many of us visit seminars, conferences and business events just to network. Suhel Seth (PR & Communication Expert) has written book on networking Get to the Top. Released TODAY in Mumbai.

Business Networking Sites like LinkedIn is very important to get connected with someone with whom otherwise we even cant dream to meet ever. Small businesses and professionals can and must leverage these unprecedented opportunities.   

Big question is HOW ?? Luckily there are many HOWs.

- Get connected with potential customer or experts.

- Get connected with your customers for update and quick customer service.

- Professional can showcase their expertise by contributing to their groups regularly.

- Many businesses also hire by selecting skills from LinkedIn profiles.

- Get handle in the big corporate house when you want an inroads.

- Not just remain online connects. Whenever possible or make it possible to meet up. Network to physical meet is really warm & interesting.

- Regular product updates and launch on these sites will attract target audience.

- Educate people about your products , its usage, maintenance, support etc on a regular basis. Soon you will become famous and become known for yr products. I know someone on LinkedIn who regularly writes about new cell phone models. So next time when I want to know about cell hones, my first resource will be she. Same applies to yr area of product and services.

- Follow groups of your interest to know more and network with people from your peer group.

- Share something interesting from your friends/connects with yr groups i.e. which may be interesting for yr suppliers or customers.

- Build community around your offerings. Invite experts or share useful insights with them periodically.

- Don't just expect , give give and give, give reference to someone for their potential leads. Here tit for tat is given.

Many more interesting case-studies are happening thru online to real business. You may think that business was not used to be like this, but ............... it was always like that only medium is changing.

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& yes share your social media to business success stories.

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