Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2 Questions on my ( our ) Birthday

We face many new years in one year in INDIA. 

1st Jan ( Calender Year )
1st April ( Financial Year )
New Year ( Next day of Diwali - Hindu New Year )
Gudi Padwa  ( Local State New Year , in my case Maharashtra) 
Today ( In my case , and in your case yr respective actual birthday )

Advantage: Ever few months we can make new year resolutions and every few months we also review the same.  

I learned abt new ways to celebrate birthdays by following interesting ppl on Twitter: Author Chetan Bhagat took 300  less privileged children to the multiplex theatre for a movie, another gentleman spent time with senior citizen at one of the old age homes. Gr8 ideas.

Lets brain storm what better can be done on THE day?

Technology has made it easier to remember birthdays so I am getting many automated mails and many SMSs too. Just NOW got call from LIC for wishing me personally. 

I am still looking for Wow !!! er from all my service providers and all companies for whom I am a customer or a client. 

Therefore we have two questions: 

1) How do we celebrate our birthday - fruitfully /innovative-ly /non routine way?
2) How companies can wow!!! customers on their birthdays?

Pl share yr thoughts. Cheers.


  1. Belated WoW Greetings for your day!!

    Therefore we have two questions:

    1) How do we celebrate our birthday - fruitfully /innovative-ly /non routine way?
    >> I feel it’s an opportunity LIFE brings forth to be sensible about one’s relations[or connection] with LIFE itself. Although the “differently” has the “unique difference” for each of us – is probably similar to the difference of fingerprint / face / or hair properties.

    2) How companies can wow!!! customers on their birthdays?
    >> And this one could be the opportunity to get intimate with thy clients by becoming present to the “wow!!!” for each individual client, without waiting for their special day, but to an extent that the sense blossoms in auto mode on their special day, which is obviously the very special way for them!

    Have a look at what one of the Facilitator received on his B’day

    To clarify what I mean by 'I live and thrive on conversations with people', let me share an example of one such conversation.

    It was my birthday, and a friend called up to wish me.
    Now, this friend is someone who I had recently connected with over email, through some common friends. We had felt deply connected, and had a few conversations over phone and email. But, we had met, face-to-face, just once.
    We just got talking on some general stuff. And in the course, she just slipped into sharing about something that was deeply disturbing and painful... a very intimate, ever-present, under-the-surface issue, roots of which went back into her childhood.
    She hadn't called to talk about that. In fact, she may not even have thought I will share this with biren. Nor had I trigerred her through even an inane statement like, “so what else is new?”
    it was a genuine, in-the-moment, natural response to the conversation and connection we were sharing at that time.
    The more she spoke, more her wound seemed to open up and feel raw and exposed. She was hurting more and more. The pain had her tears flowing. And the conversation was filled with long and many silent moments. And I was crying too.
    At some level, both of us knew we couldn't do anything about the issue, or pain... both were helpless, and had sort of surrendered... and in this common state, there was an undescribable sense of intimacy, of oneness... and in THAT connection, and surrender, something WAS happening... changing...
    In the pain... alongside the pain... I was also feeling a kind of fullness, a sense of immense gratitude and grace. It was as if I was intensely alive.
    And, though I did not ask her, it seemed to me that my friend was feeling more complete, more whole if not healed, in that moment. And it was not INSPITE of the issue and the pain, but ALONG with it.

    It was one of those 'highlight' moments of life. It was a gift. And it was my birthday. I couldn't have received a better gift. It WAS one of the best birthday gifts I have ever received. And thats what I told her too.

    Conversations like this dot my life, makes it a wonderful adventure and fill my life with abundance of love and grace. And that is all that I have to share with people.
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  2. Thanx Bhavesh for sharing real life story.