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Monday, July 4, 2011

4 ways to Brand " U " - Have daily Brand Scorecard

Most of us are unBRANDED commodity !!!

My last post on 12 ways to WOW!!!! ) was well received by readers. 

That made me think about our WOW !!! scorecard. 

In-fact if we decide to WOW !!!! daily someone and keep increasing that scorecard day after day imagine what can happen to :

1) Our own personal image  - U become a BRAND that wows!!

2) Our work outcome - Excellent (mostly)

3) People dependent on us - Feel Confidence abt dealing with us

4) People around us - Happy 

5) Our Self confidence - Steep Boost

WOWing !!!! through my act, conduct & work not only change I as an individual but everything around me i.e society as a whole. 

This also reminds me of great Tom Peter's WOW !!!! mission. 

1 - Astonish me
2 - Build Something Great
3 - Make it Immortal
4 - Reward Excellent Failure , Punish mediocre successes
I am first responsible to brand  I } and then every other brand I represent.

Evaluate everything  U do on the following parameters:

1 - WOW!!
2 - Beauty
3 - Impact 
4 - (will make) Rave Fans

When most of us is going to spend sustained periods of our career in some form of self employment - imagine how this WOW !!! thing is going to impact yr career. 

Make it a point to WOW !!!! someone daily. Improve yr score from one to two to three and then everything u do. Result will be instant. Its all about value I put to BRAND I }. ( Most of us are unbranded commodity, your self brand building starts NOW. )

Friday, July 1, 2011

12 Ways to WOW !!!!! - ( For ) Individuals & Enterprises

Unexpected Speed ( Execution, Thought, Response ) WOWs !!

Complete Precision ( Product, Work ) WOWs !!!

Unprecedented Design  ( Product, Service, Anything { beautifully } Planned ) WOWs !!!!

Deep Insight ( Report, Research, Study, Letter { mails too } )   WOWs !!!!!

Change in Paradigm  ( New Idea, New Way of looking/doing things , Unimaginable ) WOWs !!!!!!

Total Dedication ( Employees,  Followers ) WOWs !!!!!!!

Human Kindness ( Going Out of the way, Forgive, Humanitarian Conduct )  WOWs !!!!!!!!

Power Packed Presentation ( Oral, Pictorial or Movie ) WOWs !!!!!!!!!!

Sudden Surprise & Suspense (  Prize, Gift, Free , Deep Discount )  WOWs !!!!!!!!!!!

Great Courage & Confidence ( Leaders, Entrepreneurs, People ) WOWs !!!!!!!!!!!!

Ease & Simplicity ( Boss, Product Design, Problem Solving )   WOWs !!!!!!!!!!!!

12) Are we as an Individual & as an enterprise WOWing !!!  someone DAILY??  ( keep yr daily WOW  !!! scorecard ). That's THE true competitive advantage. 

Rest all differentiators r commoditised.  

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2 Questions on my ( our ) Birthday

We face many new years in one year in INDIA. 

1st Jan ( Calender Year )
1st April ( Financial Year )
New Year ( Next day of Diwali - Hindu New Year )
Gudi Padwa  ( Local State New Year , in my case Maharashtra) 
Today ( In my case , and in your case yr respective actual birthday )

Advantage: Ever few months we can make new year resolutions and every few months we also review the same.  

I learned abt new ways to celebrate birthdays by following interesting ppl on Twitter: Author Chetan Bhagat took 300  less privileged children to the multiplex theatre for a movie, another gentleman spent time with senior citizen at one of the old age homes. Gr8 ideas.

Lets brain storm what better can be done on THE day?

Technology has made it easier to remember birthdays so I am getting many automated mails and many SMSs too. Just NOW got call from LIC for wishing me personally. 

I am still looking for Wow !!! er from all my service providers and all companies for whom I am a customer or a client. 

Therefore we have two questions: 

1) How do we celebrate our birthday - fruitfully /innovative-ly /non routine way?
2) How companies can wow!!! customers on their birthdays?

Pl share yr thoughts. Cheers.