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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Who U R defines What U do!!!

Company Board is Responsible to the Share Holders. Rest all are responsible to the CUSTOMERS.However internal focus of the company and designations in vogue is making life complicated and working in silos a norm. If the tone at the top is CUSTOMER and it percolates down suitably at all levels , it can change the meaning for the PEOPLE in the company especially in big positions.  I have attempted to change the status quo just by changing the meaning of the designations by making it end result centric.

Here I go .........
1) Chief Executive Officer  -  Chief Customer Experience Officer

2) Chief Operation Officer - Chief Delivery Officer

3) Chief HR/People Officer- Chief Happiness Officer

4) Chief Marketing Officer - Chief Brand Officer

5) Chief Sales Officer -  Chief Fulfillment Officer

6) Chief Technology Officer - Chief Enabling Officer

7) Chief Public Relation Officer - Chief Image Officer

8) Chief Knowledge Officer - Chief Intelligence Officer

9) Chief Product Officer - Chief Customer Officer

10) Chief Procurement Officer - Chief Quality Officer

11) Chief Finance Officer - Chief Profit Officer

12) Chief Internal Auditor - Chief Sustenance Officer

13) Chief Compliance Officer  - Chief Governance Officer

14) Chief Belief Officer (Future Group does have one) - Chief Culture Officer

15) Chief Strategy Officer - Chief Competitive Officer

16) Chief Innovation Officer - Chief Future Officer

Even if they start looking at their designations, mind set will start transform-ing. 

Readers may add many more CXOs and suggest even appropriate names to the one given above. Let the winds of change take over our enterprises.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pain Around Us - Why HAPPINESS is Critical for Entrepreneurs to Focus on??

Pain Around Us

1) Daily Commuting for Work
2) Prolonged Financial and Career Goals
3) Family Unrest (Spouse /Children and Parents)
4) Health Issues
5) Heavy Debt Burden
6) Children Education/ Career and Marriage
7) Heavy Traffic
8) For Entrepreneurs - Customer Acquisition and Cashflow Gaps
9) Inability to Fulfill Other Long Term Dreams 
10) Unwanted and Boring Job Profile
11) Long Q in the Malls
12) Huge Credit Card Dues & Interest Charges
13) Call Center Culture , where one holds the phone & listen more than talk/convey
14) No getting Commuting Vehicle easily in the Eve
15) U may add yours also

Can U make Out : Why HAPPINESS is a major driver to offer talk of the town product & services ??  Why, a US based shoe retailer is focused on Customer HAPPINESS? Is there any connection between Shoe Selling and Making Customer HAPPY?? 

How by providing your Offerings which can add and bring HAPPINESS in the life of your customer can make them not only HAPPY in his otherwise painful life but will also make them talk about their experience with your BRAND.

At the cost of short term share holders interest , invest in long term CUSTOMER HAPPINESS.  (Both will gain in the long run)

Apply yourself HARD and check HOW and WHERE element of HAPPINESS can be added in your customer experience path i.e. customer touch points with your BRAND.
Unless thoughtfully DESIGNED, it will  not happen automatically.