Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Leadership Vs Front-facing Candidates & Managers

Leaders can inspire but it is the local leader at  the voters touch points who can drives votes. Only leaders without right followers cant win elections. Mass leader with right candidate is the killer mix. 

Right Candidate
(non corrupt , performing perception & great people skill)

Likely Win

Mostly Wins

Wrong Candidate
(corrupt , non performing perception )

Mostly Loses

Likely Lose

Election Matrix

(Qualities of candidates and leaders are in relation to its opponent)

Uninspiring  leader
at the top

( Incapable, uninspiring, corrupt & ineffective & non inclusive image)

Inspiring Leader at the top

( Inspiring { thought leader , communicator} , capable, non corrupt, effective, executor, inclusive image  )

The above matrix is not only applicable to political parties  but also to all businesses. Howsoever strong leadership you may have at the top if your ground level customer focus managers are failing company will be in trouble.

People will become customers if they see Richard Bronson at the top but soon they will disappear if the touch point manager/staff is uninspiring.  Only dependency on right and inspiring leadership is not going to yield the desired result. 

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