Sunday, May 5, 2013

Failed Communication !!!

I received birthday wishes from the only club I am a member of. I was pleased to see the envelope wishing me birthday in advance. 

When I further dwell into the communication my happiness doubled when I saw they will treat me with 1/2 kg of cake on that day. 

But ...

Yes there is a big BUT  towards the end. They asked me to intimate them in advance how many people will join me to a party which they assume I will offer on my birthday at their restaurant when they will serve me a free cake... 

I realised that this was not a birthday wish but only a sales letter in disguise. 

Companies must refrain their urge to sell every-time they communicate with customers. Sometimes a sincere wish can do wonders and more sales then these kind of letters. 

This letter at the end didn't serve any purpose. Birthday wish was to sell and sell will not happen when I see such selfish approach to wish me and lure me through 1/2 kg of cake.

Focus on genuine experience creation , genuine wish and then only genuine sales will happen automatically. Many a times focus on sales pitch is the reason for no sales. When  customers see ingenuity in communication and approach. 

Are you genuine when communicating with your customers? 

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