Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another WOW !!! from

I ordered books on 10/1 at 18.19 and books delivered to me from Bangalore to Mumbai on 11/1 at 9.20 in the morning. 

Unexpected pleasant surprise. 

I am neither a preferred customer nor order was not an emergency , even I didn't pay for the shipping but then what went RIGHT??

I think its their style to WOW!! their customers. Its the culture supported by matching processes and motivated team. It is their way of saying  "This is HOW we do WHAT we do."

2nd Episode: Day 11/ Jan /12: Time 19.20

I ordered one book , 6 copies for gifting to different individuals. Since order were for 6 copies of the same book, I got a call from today 12/Jan/12 at 9 AM confirming that I have placed these orders. Look at the customer thinking that might have gone into this process design. 
Disclosure:  I am no way even remotely connected with any one @


  1. Absolutely, agree.. This is the WOW Factor. And most of the brands (in terms of services) are moving in this direction. As one of my professors says "Customer Satisfaction is an old objective, the trend of today is Customer Delight".

  2. Here U r Anish. Customer Delight & Memorable Experience. True Differentiators.

  3. Hi sunil.. It WOW when customer get satisfaction after buying something and this is what happned to you. I had the similar experience with the after buying a gasoline shoe.

  4. No WOW!!! is more than satisfaction. I was committed delivery on 14th so I would have satisfied if books were delivered on 14th. But books were delivered within 19 hrs !!! That was wow!!! Gone are the days of satisfaction, as stated by Anish above, now you have to wow !!! and its much more than mere satisfaction. Exceeding Expectations.