Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2 Ways to Present Your RESUME (& Do Anything)

You have two options to present RESUME. 

1) Structured , Standard - Starting from your name, date of birth , address , qualification & experience etc etc etc. No Innovation , not even interesting for readers.But yes in proper format and how it used to be.  { Even u will find it boring }

Option 2

2) Describe your life story till date. Your likes, dislikes, your achievements and failures, your projects and performances , your family and friends, your education and experiences.  Its a story and one can make real life movie out of it. Make it interesting , keep it real do not fake , readers must get engrossed. You are the HERO of your story.

Its a competition (red ocean) everywhere. How do we differentiate in whatever we do? To stand out in the crowd, we must add SPICE to whatever we do and present.

Be it your RESUME or your Project or your day to day work. Nothing is routine if we are SPECIAL. To quote Dev Anand " Without style we don't exist. We are our own STYLE. "       The man has proved this also throughout his life.

Bottom-line - Do everything in STYLE. Your OWN STYLE.     Most routine and monotonous things can be presented and done in STYLE. Simplicity Yes, Routine No.  Refrain from being routine and boring.  Who likes it??


  1. Posted on Lined in by Keith Schueler
    Actively seeking Accounting Management position
    Phoenix, Arizona Area Accounting.

    I like the "Style method" much better obviously (Never put your birthdate on the resume), but the hiring authorities are going to drop the lifestory resume quickly if they cannot find your experience and your skills that are important to them for the specific position. Their automated search might include you because your “key words” will come up in the process(along with 100 other resumes), but when it gets to the human hands the reader will never “get” that you have any “style” because he or she will NEVER read the whole thing. It might be useful to bring when you have a face to face interview. Since at that point in the process you will already be in the limelight (the top 15 or so) and then will have the opportunity to stand above the rest.

  2. Certainly while writing yr story , audience's requirement MUST be kept in mind. STYLE must be interesting , content MUST be relevant. At the end of d day its a selling of the self.

  3. Posted-on Linkedin by shivakumar sharma
    Dean at Disclosure not essential now
    Mumbai Area, India Education Management

    Depends on how the employer views it and not how job seekers prepare it. Here the employer is the KING. He can find fault with your resume / ability / qualifications / experience if he does not need your services and if he needs your services, just a look at the CV is sufficient for him to take a call because he NEEDS your services.

  4. This is obvious in all cases. Even if we want Coffee, we will go either to South Indian Hotel of CCD. CCD now preferred because of their style. But if we don't want coffee, CCD is of no use to us.

  5. Posted-on LinkedIn by Dr Maulik Bhavsar
    Executive- Healthcare Services at Apollo Hospital, Ahmedabad

    Very Interesting.
    But one question in my mind...Employers or any HR Personnel ready to read or accept such thing?
    I agree with you human mind set has tendency to record what is unusual..i.e. the shock element...and if it is presented nicely then definitely results in that WOW!! experience...

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