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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2 Ways to Present Your RESUME (& Do Anything)

You have two options to present RESUME. 

1) Structured , Standard - Starting from your name, date of birth , address , qualification & experience etc etc etc. No Innovation , not even interesting for readers.But yes in proper format and how it used to be.  { Even u will find it boring }

Option 2

2) Describe your life story till date. Your likes, dislikes, your achievements and failures, your projects and performances , your family and friends, your education and experiences.  Its a story and one can make real life movie out of it. Make it interesting , keep it real do not fake , readers must get engrossed. You are the HERO of your story.

Its a competition (red ocean) everywhere. How do we differentiate in whatever we do? To stand out in the crowd, we must add SPICE to whatever we do and present.

Be it your RESUME or your Project or your day to day work. Nothing is routine if we are SPECIAL. To quote Dev Anand " Without style we don't exist. We are our own STYLE. "       The man has proved this also throughout his life.

Bottom-line - Do everything in STYLE. Your OWN STYLE.     Most routine and monotonous things can be presented and done in STYLE. Simplicity Yes, Routine No.  Refrain from being routine and boring.  Who likes it??

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

6 things Entrepreneurs can learn from Dev Anand

Yes, legendary and complete film professional Dev Anand can be a great source of inspiration and  learning for every entrepreneurs. 

Industry known for its misbehavior and arrogant attitude, he was a complete professional and very well behaved. 

- Believe in your self. have your own way of doing things. Don' t copy or follow any one { His style was his unique and his own brand } . Style says he is YOU. Unless you have your own style you are non existence. 

- Behave with conviction { When people told him not to make cult movie like HRHK, he was convinced internally and it was history thereafter } 

- Passion what you do { Passion to live & breath MOVIEs for 65 years }

- Unrelenting Pursuit of Passion { Till the age of 88 he was active in making movies } . In an interview with Karan Thaper he says " No one can be master of any subject in the word. The moment one thinks he is a master, he stops learning and that's the beginning of an end. "

- Of course commercial failures of his movies in the later age teaches us ,  change with the time, delegate to others what others can do better than you : After Desh Pardes , all movies failed commercially but he continue to remain director and actor, like Yashraj Films , he should have developed brigade of directors and actors working for Nav Ketan Films } 

& Finally 

- Live life to its fullest, NOW, Today - as the time is flying faster than we think. { To a question by Anupam Kher: Why he was speaking fast , he replied, life is short and I don't have time to speak slow

" I am a fast executor,  once I decide to do things " Dev Anand { & we can see that from so many projects he has executed during his life time } 

Learning can come from anywhere, & Dev Anand had huge real life experiences and insights to learn from.