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Monday, January 9, 2012

7 Drivers of WOW!!! Customer Xperience (enterprise survival also)

Drivers of Customer – Xperience (enterprise survival also)

-       Product Info & Guidance -  { enablers } Website, Sales Collateral , Conferences & Exhibition, Social Media

-      Quality -  { enablers } Six Sigma , TQM

-       Cost - { enablers } JIT, KAIZEN , Lean, BPR , Technology – SAP , ERP etc

-       Speed -  { enablers } Lean, BPR. Technology, TOC, Logistics & Distribution Strategy

-       New Products - { enablers } Innovation , R & D

-       After Sales Service -{ enablers } Grooming, Training,  Social Media

-       WOW!!! - { enablers }   All the above elements designed by keeping CUSTOMER @ the center and working of these elements to create symphony added by some CREATIVITY at all levels. 

   Companies are excited to initiate select programmes stated above , HOWEVER yet most companies are not recognizing the importance of Customer Experience  , which is the wholesome DRIVING FORCE for any and every initiative , a company undertakes. 

   Reason: No Existence of Customer Xperience Officer in charge of over all end to end Customer Xperience !!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Inverted 30 : 70 Ratio - Customer Experience

Writing is like a pregnant lady. Till the time u deliver (write) u r restless. 

Today I met a ED of one of the industry chambers in Mumbai. 

Agenda: Customer Experience for their Members

One more management jargon was his initial reaction. 

Well a big NO. 

All earlier version of business performance improvements were internal & limited focus like - TQM, Six Sigma, BPR, Lean, TOC - all are fine but these projects are never worked keeping CUSTOMER @ d center.  

One can argue that six sigma and lean or for that matter TQM are obviously for the customers. However its not. Everything is to work on improving internal efficiency and productivity. Its necessary but not sufficient. 

Unless the organisation as a whole looks in one direction i.e. Customers, unless everyone is aware about impact of their action or inaction on the customer experience, unless internal massive projects are touching customer experience  at all the touch points, unless customer experience is designed keeping in mind end to end touch points in mind, unless one single person responsible for end to end customer experience, they are not customer focused projects. 

Why its not only important but critical because : 

Delightful and Memorable Customer Experience  =  Repeat and referred customers, sharing the experience on social media channels (bad experience travels faster on this channels), lowering sales and marketing cost , increase in margins and sales, brand loyalty and rise of brand advocates. 

Its the ONLY way , to create blue ocean in otherwise red ocean business land(water)scape. 

"If the optimal business decision in the old world was too  spend 30 percent of your time, energy, focus, and dollars on building great customer experience, and 70 percent of your time, energy, focus, and dollars on shouting about it, today that's inverted. Today, the optimal thing to do is to spend 70 percent of your time, energy, focus, and dollars on building great customer experience and 30 percent shouting about it."

Next question is - HOW? {  when and why are now obvious  
Watch out this place!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

If u can simplify, u are indispensable & most sought after

Noted Film Director Mahesh Bhatt described MAGICAL voice of renowned Ghazal Singer Jagjit Singh as " Simplicity, simplicity & simplicity"  Magic is Simplicity or Simplicity is MAGIC. How true but difficult to achieve.

We are here in this world contributing daily our bit of complexity to the world in whatever we do. We love complexity. Simple is no brainer is what we believe.

When Reliance wants to raise funds they come out with TOCD. Triple Optionally Convertible Debentures.  No investors would know how safe it was, when and at what price how many shares he will get. That's big brainer. Opposite of simplicity.

Retailers now a days offer discounts like buy 1 get 5 free. Why do they keep price of one so high to cover cost and margin of 6 ?? To sell quantity & fool customers.

We have our tax laws most complex which requires highly qualified professionals to unravel the clauses and implications { we even can have multiple views and opinions }.  Big brainer by our bureaucrats and source of income for professionals. Additional gift of so much complexity is litigation.  

How we calculate our poverty and GDP is again a big mystery. Complicated enough so no one can understand and hence questions.

I recently got customer charter from one or the private banks. Good that they have this but its spread over many many pages, small fonts which make it unreadable.  Look at our legal agreements, exim procedures, forex procedures, internally our company policies, customer policies, promotion policies, all are voluminous work of senior professionals and lawyers. Unless it’s complicated and complex its not worth it. Smartness is in complications. 

Many companies come out with various attractive schemes for the customers but while availing such schemes we came across small asterisk and that leads us to complex terms and conditions. Everything around us is complex.

On many of the websites they put up whole lot of information but contact or mailing details we could be find with great difficulty. Reaching them which is the most important thing misses the attention of the designer.    
I come across many business plans , IMs /project reports, 70% of the pages are useless collection of data.  We can't KISS it ( keep in simple and short ). We just cant. Simple job is not worth and should not be paid much. { our notion which promotes complexity }

However as rightly recoginsed by Mahesh Bhatt, its the simplicity that clicks ,works and noticed. Life is otherwise very complicated so those who can make it simple by their action and work will be cherished and valued. Simplicity is @ premium. If u can simplify, u are indispensable & most sought after.