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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

7 + Reasons WHY Social Media is a MUST for EVERY Enterprises

We are afraid that if we go social , there will be lot of negative branding against our brand or company. Many companies have this apprehension and they avoid social media.  What a missed opportunity!!!!

Social Media platforms mean voice of people, customers. Brands are not providing them platforms but social media companies are doing it. Customers will not only express their views , feelings and experiences but also share the same & it will be further shared by the recipients.  It will go viral in moments. Whether brands are active online or no, customers are talking about it. Earlier there was one way and one to one communication. Now its many to many. 

Smart Companies are taking advantage of this opportunity. Yes its a HUGE opportunity. Use negative comments to your advantage by interfering in the discussion and clarifying company position. Without company's version to the negative experience, it will go more negative. Once company also participates and clarifies the position not only complaining customers but also all other readers will know the reality and understand how company responds when customers are in trouble. 

Its an opportunity on the contrary to stop the damage that can be caused by negative comments and experiences of the customers. Its an opportunity to converse with others and potential customers.  Its an opportunity to WOW!! by quickly responding and responding with offer to help as and when customers are in need. 

There are many examples HOW companies are reaping benefits by actively participating in the  discussions / responding on social media and solving customer issues. It will also make companies to do something special so that people /customers talks about the same on social media. Yes it can be planned to use for positive  ripples in the customer groups. 

Build Brand , Spread Quickly,  Strengthen Customer Relationship, Stop Damage by Negative Branding , Engage with Customers, Create WOW !! Experience , Get new Customers & also much more. 

Some of the large Indian Brands using SM actively: Dabur, Pizza Hut, Britannia, SBI, Amul, Maruti, ICICI Bank, Flipkart. More are joining the bandwagon.

Issue of WHY social media is long back answered.  Companies Must think on HOW and HOW quickly to start leveraging this powerful medium.  

Most old (started in 20th century) businesses are Social Media Immigrants but all businesses started during last one decade are Social Media Native.  For natives its way of doing business but for immigrants its new and hence worrying. Quickly become adjusted to NEW NORMAL and reap the advantage. 

Ask and answer NOW: Whats our Social Media Strategy and Action Pan!!! ,

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Social Media & Customer De-light ( P-light )

"Focus of most marketing spend is usually around new customer acquisition and that only 20% of marketing budgets are typically spent on retention. Yet, in many cases, 75% of revenues comes from existing customers." (Book : Flip to Funnel)

Wow! Customer Xperience is NOW more relevant in times of powerful Social Media. Words Spreads with electrifying speed and across d globe - Good or Bad. 

Channel your marketing budget to existing customers. Wow !! them , delight them, offer them memorable experience, offer them something to speak (write) abt on social media online and offline. 

Every wants to share their experiences. Social Media is providing them many such platforms.Are we providing them enough (any) food for thought abt what to write/share with their friends, followers and group members ??? If we are not , customers have their own opinions. They will share.
Every customer is also a publisher. (FB, Tweet, U Tube , LinkedIn , Blog) Any clue what to do to get ur offerings published?
(Next coming up with my ebook on hOw to wOw!!!!)