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Friday, April 19, 2013

Before Content Marketing Begins ............

There is lot of talk these days about power of content and digital marketing. Every business has sleeved up to delve into this new medium to lure customers.  Content and digital marketers busy in strategy making. Lots of buzz and all new excitement and hope. 

However in a hurry to get customers most businesses have forgotten to take first step in content/digital marketing.

Yes fundamental rule of content and digital marketing is one need to have product and service which is offering delightful customer experiences. Without first focusing on making experience delightful and impeccable , focusing merely on content/digital market can and will misfire

Going viral applies equally to great things as well as to not so great & rotten things. In a hurry to sale quickly and to take first mover advantage,  companies will damage its reputation miserably by jumping into content/digital marketing unplanned and without taking first step. 

Like any other marketing initiatives this new medium also requires great product and services capability to talk about. However not able to do so severely damages the brand and reputation unlike any other traditional medium. 

Even in his best selling book Platform author Michael Hyatt talks about creating compelling product/service in the first 7 chapters before he talks about Platform for the products in rest of the 53 chapters. 

Beware and become aware about this most important FIRST STEP.