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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Shake well before use - Your company / Institutions & Even Yourself

Unless you shake up the bottle, you will get diluted version of the medicine. Unless you shake up the institutions /companies, you get diluted performance. Therefore shaking up MUST be a part of regular activity if medicine or institutions have to perform at its finest potential. 

Our Institutions and companies for that matter perform below the potential merely due to non shaking up regularly. Mr Arvind Kejriwal & Team Anna have shaken up our democracy. People are now more forthcoming , speaking up and participating in democratic process and issues concerning them. 

Even at companies new CEO can bring life if he is enthusiastic and have capability to see things in different light. Status-Quo is the biggest challenge everywhere. Status Quo is nothing but unshaken condition. 

Look at the leaders who shook up the things. 

Public Life: 

Arvind Kejriwal , Narendra Modi , Nitish Kumar , Rajiv Gandhi , TN Seshan, CAG Vinod Rai , Manmohan Singh of 1991 , Ex BMC Commissioner Subodh Kumar........


Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Narayana Murthy (IT), Kishor Biyani (Retail), Dhirubhai Ambani (Capital Market and Business)...... 

There are many institutions and companies that are looking for someone who really can shake them up and enable them to realise and/or  regain its true potential. 

Shekhar Suman Show Movers and Shakers might have lived its life, but we need Movers/Shakers everywhere, or else we all r likely to go sleep. 

Are you a Shakers or waiting for one?  

Name some of the Movers & Shakers known to you? 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Why we need more of KBC than BQC ........

We as a society need more of :

Chefs ( idea, think and design new ) than Cooks (Mere executors of instructions)

Fitness Professionals (or Gym) ( Prevent ) than Doctors (or Hospitals) (Cure)

Entrepreneurs ( Create ) than Job Seekers ( Seek )

Intra-preneurs ( Proactive ) than employees ( Reactive )

Governance ( Ethical ) than Mere Government (Symbol)

Authors (Quality) than writers (Filling the pages)

Value (  Synergy ) than Growth (Numbers)

Profit ( Productivity ) than Sales ( Activity )

Food Distribution (Less of Hunger) than mere Production (More of waste)

Chanda Kochhar / Kiran Bedi /Mamta Benerji ( Self Achievers / Competency ) than Sonia Gandhi / Supriya Sule / Poonam Mahajan ( Forced & by chance Achievers & Dynasty )

Brand in Action  ( Living the promise ) than Brand on Sign Board (Mere Slogan)

Roads ( Execution ) than Holes ( Govt. Corruption )

Jobs ( Eligible ) than Degrees ( Education Factory )

Venture Capital ( Risk Supporters ) than Banks 
( Custodian )

Bridges ( Infrastructure )  than Breaches( Corporate Corruption )

Narendra Modi ( Walking the talk ) than Manmohan Singh 
{( Help and action) - less } 

Change of Heart & Action ( Meaningful ) than mere Religious Yatra-s (Thoughtless)

Yoga Guru Ramdev ( Positive Energy ) than Politician Ramdevji (Misguided Ambition)

KBC ( I also can participate in KBC ) than BQC  (Now I cant, though made a suggestion to Derek Orbrian )

Its not about what we don't need but what we need MORE.