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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

28 wisdom from 16 prominent Indian Yogis

When the world is celebrating International Yoga Day on 21st June 2017, it is important to know about Yoga beyond just Asana and Pranayama.
We will now from their wisdom how Yoga can become life-changing engagement for the practitioners. Though Yoga history goes beyond Sage Patanjali, the Ashtanga Yoga, the Yoga we know today was written by Sage Patanjali as Yoga Sutras. He is known as the father of Yoga. Read more..

Monday, April 1, 2013

Everything is up for Re-imagination

Yes. True.
World around is slowly but surely changing at speed not easily recognisable.  However change is happening and happening everyday.
New WORLD we are daily experiencing is the result of thinking or re-imagination of people around us. Someone somewhere is re-imagining the existing way of doing things and living life.
Steve Jobs re imagined laptops, mobile phones, music dispensing system  , Bill Gates re imagined operating system , Starbucks re-imagined coffee shop experience, Narendra Modi re-imagined politics of development & governance, Capt Gopinath re-imagined low cost airlines, Zappos re-imagined customer experience, Dr Kurian re imagined milk collection & distribution system,  Mark Zuckerberg re-imagined social networking, Baba Ramdev re-imagined Yoga for masses , Steven Spielberg & most movie makers are in re-imagination business, & Gandhiji re imagined use of non violence to achieve independence. Many people around us are re-imagining our world and doing their own bit to make the difference. Tom Peter has written a book Re-Imagine.
We all  have to re-imagine the world. Re imagine relationships, re imagine commuting , re imagine travelling, re imagine businesses, re imagine politics, re imagine parenting, re imagine governance and management , re imagine education , re imagine jobs & re imagine religions. There is no limit or restriction on any thing as far as Re Imagination goes. Its not about small changes here and there. Its something complete NEW and unheard of.  Conditioned mind will find it difficult , it requires unconditional mindset to re imagine.
 Re imagination capacity is the most valuable asset a person and organisation can have. Any entrepreneur, organisation and individual can create huge difference in the world by her power of re imagination and action to make imagination a real one.
Point is : World around is subject to change  and all those who can re-imagine the life and world around them & work towards achieving that change will  be the most sought after people. 
What is your re-imagination agenda?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Why we need more of KBC than BQC ........

We as a society need more of :

Chefs ( idea, think and design new ) than Cooks (Mere executors of instructions)

Fitness Professionals (or Gym) ( Prevent ) than Doctors (or Hospitals) (Cure)

Entrepreneurs ( Create ) than Job Seekers ( Seek )

Intra-preneurs ( Proactive ) than employees ( Reactive )

Governance ( Ethical ) than Mere Government (Symbol)

Authors (Quality) than writers (Filling the pages)

Value (  Synergy ) than Growth (Numbers)

Profit ( Productivity ) than Sales ( Activity )

Food Distribution (Less of Hunger) than mere Production (More of waste)

Chanda Kochhar / Kiran Bedi /Mamta Benerji ( Self Achievers / Competency ) than Sonia Gandhi / Supriya Sule / Poonam Mahajan ( Forced & by chance Achievers & Dynasty )

Brand in Action  ( Living the promise ) than Brand on Sign Board (Mere Slogan)

Roads ( Execution ) than Holes ( Govt. Corruption )

Jobs ( Eligible ) than Degrees ( Education Factory )

Venture Capital ( Risk Supporters ) than Banks 
( Custodian )

Bridges ( Infrastructure )  than Breaches( Corporate Corruption )

Narendra Modi ( Walking the talk ) than Manmohan Singh 
{( Help and action) - less } 

Change of Heart & Action ( Meaningful ) than mere Religious Yatra-s (Thoughtless)

Yoga Guru Ramdev ( Positive Energy ) than Politician Ramdevji (Misguided Ambition)

KBC ( I also can participate in KBC ) than BQC  (Now I cant, though made a suggestion to Derek Orbrian )

Its not about what we don't need but what we need MORE.