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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

People to Profit Roadmap

Customer Reviews are a new currency which is solely dependent on customer experience an enterprise is creating. But customer experience depends on what? Well, first and foremost it is the job of CEO and then it is taken over by the people. People working for the organisation  are the brand ambassadors.
Every employee over and above their JD, does the brand building for the enterprise she is working for. The Brand building includes brand destroying. People are the only living being working for the organisation. Rest all are created by the people as it can’t happen automatically. Continue reading...

Friday, July 26, 2013

Experienced can offer the Experience

One of the ways to create culture of superior customer experience is to let your employees experience superior customer experience themselves. You have to change the mindset and self experience is the best teacher. 

When you receive superior service you will be inclined to offer one in your role to your customers. No amount of training can teach and change the mindset what true real life experience can do to a person. 

When you receive respect you would like to give one. What you receive is what you can give. Therefore in order the change the employee mindset which is the biggest challenge, expose them to superior customer experiences.  

Unfortunately most companies neither offer superior employee experience to their employees nor expose them to superior customer experience elsewhere and yet expect employee to offer superior customer experience to their customers !!

Experience is the best teacher & that applies here to. Expose your employees to superior customer experience in some other industry /companies , make them delightful customer experienced to enable them to offer better experience to your customers.